Obama’s Magical Mystery Tour

    After a week of intense media foreplay, Obama has finally embarked on his magical mystery tour. As he boarded the plane that took him on the first leg of his anxiously awaited Middle East and European tour, a pair of uniformed Air Force officers saluted simultaneously, as they do each time President Bush boards Air Force One. As the media-anointed President in waiting, Obama is | Read More »

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    Barack Obama–the Master of Illusion….

    Call Barack Obama Houdini, because his campaign is one big magic act. He has created illusion after illusion, and the mainstream media have either, let him get away with it, or in some cases, actively aided and abetted him. Please, allow me to explain. First of all, during the Democratic primary Obama created the illusion, starting in late February, that he was already the nominee | Read More »

    Foreign Courts Take Aim at Our Free Speech

    These are stories in the news that have much more significance than they’ve received. These stories should have been the leading news items of their day. Their significance extends beyond just a particular area and beyond just a particular news cycle.- – – – -Summary: Libel suits in America are limited by the First Amendment of the US Constitution so people have taken to suing | Read More »

    Defending the American Dream Summit AUSTIN

    Thank you Erick for all of your great independent journalism that you give out to us! Fellow bloggers, if you live in Texas, now’s the chance to make it to a media event that focus on the RIGHT message! Defending the American Dream, July 18th and 19th, will host a new media online training day on this Friday at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. Come on | Read More »

    Iraq Trip is going to hurt Obamessiah

    One thing that I have been dwelling upon lately has been the possible consequences of Barack’s Superstar World Tour 2008. He believes that he can gain Presidential stature and gravitas. However, one thing he may not have counted on is the same thing that has helped him win the nomination in the first place. Namely, the mainstream media.Imagine that Centcom and MNF-I is able to | Read More »

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    AP’s New Muckraking Style, From Just-The-Facts to In-Your-Face

    For those unfamiliar, since May of this year the Associated Press has had a new Washington Bureau Chief, a past AP reporter named Ron Fournier. According to Politico, the previous chief was pushed out to make room for Fournier in a “hard-feelings shake-up” with the old chief left worried that Fournier might “destroy” the AP. A pretty stark assessment, of course, but not necessarily all | Read More »

    Why does media discriminate against this senator?

    It’s a touchy point with me, the matter of Sen. John McCain’s age. Media just can’t talk about it enough—the latest is an Associated Press story that (again) explores how voters feel about the matter. Seems like only yesterday the Democratic Party as well as media maintained an obsession with equal rights for all including those who don’t belong to Gen X. The AP story | Read More »

    Item 10,386 in “coulda seen this comin'”

    Found this on HotAir Headlines, had to post here with Commentary.http://www.smh.com.au/news/beijing2008/chinese-red-tape-redefines-freedom-for-the-press/2008/07/11/1215658131357.htmlGo figure. China doesn’t want Journalists roaming around, they just might find something embarrassing. I like the part about the “live” tv feed – it has a 10 second delay, the better to not let the masses know just how illegitimate the totalitarian government really is.When will we in the West quit mollycoddling these brutal | Read More »

    Tony Snow just died

    here is the link, This is sad, Prayers and wishes to familyhere


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