Why does media discriminate against this senator?

    It’s a touchy point with me, the matter of Sen. John McCain’s age. Media just can’t talk about it enough—the latest is an Associated Press story that (again) explores how voters feel about the matter. Seems like only yesterday the Democratic Party as well as media maintained an obsession with equal rights for all including those who don’t belong to Gen X. The AP story | Read More »

    Item 10,386 in “coulda seen this comin'”

    Found this on HotAir Headlines, had to post here with Commentary. http://www.smh.com.au/news/beijing2008/chinese-red-tape-redefines-freedom-for-the-press/2008/07/11/1215658131357.html Go figure. China doesn’t want Journalists roaming around, they just might find something embarrassing. I like the part about the “live” tv feed – it has a 10 second delay, the better to not let the masses know just how illegitimate the totalitarian government really is. When will we in the West quit | Read More »

    Tony Snow just died

    here is the link, This is sad, Prayers and wishes to family here


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