Ad for Florida and PA

    Announcer:Obama wants to slash $14 billion from your prescription drug plans. Why? He doesn’t like that private companies make money by providing you with your drugs. Obama’s plan? He wants the government to run your prescription drugs. Imagine! The government deciding what medications you can choose, where you can buy them, and how much you must pay. Retired Woman: “I like my prescription drug plan. | Read More »


    Am I the ONLY one in this country who heard it?

    Was I the Only one in this country to hear it? In the 2nd pres debate Obama should have lost every voter over the age of 50. Yet no one in the media or anywhere else have I found even a mention. First question out the gate concerned retirees & living off dwindling Social Security, Savings, and investments. Neither candidate answered. Then the question of | Read More »

    Bono Mack brags about vote to override Bush

    It appears that Rep. Mary Bono Mack has decided she’s done playing the bait-and-switch on California district 45, and is now openly flaunting her leftward drift over the years. Via Red County, Mary Bono Mack is bragging about voting to override President Bush’s veto of runaway socialist spending by the Pelosi-Reid Congress.It’s no longer enough for her to be a member of the Republican Main | Read More »

    The Following Quote Should Really Get Your Attention

    “Last week Congress cut benefits to Medicare recipients and liberal pundits applauded.”Yup. You read right. And what’s more, it’s all true.Here’s an idle thought: If Republicans make ads pushing this precise point, they may not only pave the way towards making better policy, they may also help split the Democratic base by pointing out that politicians the Democrats support are on record as having worked | Read More »


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