St. Louis Red State Meet-up

    Gentlefolk: We seem to have at the very least a handful of Red State folks in the St. Louis metro area. With the holidays upon us, anyone interested in meeting for a drink and good conversation? Let’s do this… what do you say?

    Colorado Springs Meet-up Reviewed!

    The most important question is that, yes, everyone (okay, “both”) folks had a ball. Important problems were discussed, we engaged in gossip about the site, and ate/drank as Republicans ought.

    Official Colorado Springs Meet-up Diary

    Okay, are we going to do this or what? I suggest Jose Muldoon’s because everybody knows the location of Acacia Park… but if there are more people who say “no, I live up on Rockrimmon and I want to go to P.F. Chang’s and spend lots of money because, hey, I live on Rockrimmon!”, that’s an option too. Who’s in and under what circumstances? What | Read More »