I’m with Stupid

    http://www.mlgoodell.webs.com The bad news for the Obama Administration is the Obamacare rollout is every bit the train wreck Max Baucus said it would be. The good news is nobody knows about it, except for the millions who have lost their insurance thanks to Obamacare reforms. Everyone else is distracted by the Republican-led government shutdown. The GOP  has thrown away a tremendous political advantage. Coming after | Read More »

    Frank Rich AND Mel Gibson Are Jerks

         Frank Rich, former New York Times theater columnist turned New York Times political commentator and Obama booster, recently ran an article about cultural values and how the left won the war.  The primary impetus for this epiphany was the downfall of Mel Gibson being played out in edited tapes on the internet.  He then harkens back to 2004- the downfall of America to liberals- | Read More »

    MORE INFOWARS.COM NUTTINESS: Defending Mel Gibson’s bigotry

    Alex Jones’s Infowars.com nears one million unique hits a month. The madness (a lot of the site’s content) must be checked and corrected, not ignored. On June 17th, I posted here: “Helen Thomas defenders.” Today, Infowars.com defends Mel Gibson’s bigotry! A close second in today’s Infowars.com nuttiness factor is this story attacking New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie (perhaps our nation’s best governor, IMHO) for promoting | Read More »

    The Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Newest Picture….

    Here is the trailer for Mel Gibson’s newest picture coming out sometime this year.  Judging by the trailer, this film looks terrific.  Seriously folks, I smell an Oscar for this movie.  When I saw this trailer, I laughed, I cried, yada yada yada.  Watch the video below and judge for yourselves (consider this an open thread). OK, well, I really didn’t cry–I just laughed so hard | Read More »