You won’t BELIEVE just how furiously Politico spun this #DCCC #Obamacare memo!

    Background: Politico has acquired a memo (which they did not share, shockingly*) from presumably the DCCC that describes the strategy, for lack of a better word, of the Democratic party with regard to Obamacare. Essentially, they’re going to: …[t]ell voters Republicans would make the problem worse — raising prescription drug prices, empowering insurance companies and even endangering domestic violence victims. The battle plan, details of | Read More »

    Obama planning amnesty for illegal aliens without consent of Congress

    For more than a month now, a rumor has been swirling around Washington D.C. that the Obama administration was looking for a way to bypass Congress to make any changes to current U.S. immigration law. The rumor was that any changes to immigration would be made through executive order. This concept supposedly arose out of the Congressional Democrats unwillingness to take on yet another potentially | Read More »

    Hello, my fellow DHS-designated extremists.

    Whether or not you agree with my politics, don’t worry: you’re probably in here somewhere.  It’s a report from last month called the “Domestic Extremism Lexicon,” and it’s quite comprehensive.  Did you know that anti-abortion protesters and animal rights activists are domestic extremists?  Yes, the same sloppy language as last time. So bad, in fact, that they tried to bury it… Hot Air and The | Read More »

    Obama Calls McCain “Erratic in Crisis”; Keating 5 Attack

    Today, Obama called McCain “erratic in crisis” and its time like these and you wonder why is McCain camp so slow to hit back and hard. If McCain is erratic in crisis Obama may want to try to be held hostage for 5 years because I am willing to bet he couldn’t last 5 hrs of the hell McCain went through. Obama is also starting | Read More »

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