More Political Circus From The Left.

    I don’t know why we should be surprised. I called this one just between me and myself. Don’t recall if I said anything to Dee or not, but Wednesday’s disgusting usurpation of what had been billed as a ‘memorial’ service for the victims of Jared Loughner’s madness was just about what I thought it would turn out to be. I felt certain of it when | Read More »

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Regarding the Memorial Service in Arizona:   The Good – I thought the text of Obama’s presentation was eloquent and uplifting. In my view, the highlight of the evening came when he announced (off script) that “Gabby opened her eyes for the first time.” That one left my eyes a bit blurry. And the closing comments about little Christina was a beautifully-written tribute, but the | Read More »

    Never Let a Crisis Go Without a Logo

    Barack brands a massacre. Because sometimes “Yes, We Did!” just doesn’t seem quite appropriate. No lie. T-shirts with the phrase “Together We Thrive” were made available for mourners at tonight’s memorial service in Tucson with Dear Leader in attendance. I’m hoping a similar logo won’t appear on the podium when the president gives his political address/eulogy. PHOTO: OBAMA’S ROCKIN’ MEMORIAL T-SHIRTS PLACED AT EVERY SEAT | Read More »