At posts entombed

    Though they did not yet know they were at war, An armada crested upon their shore. Thousands of Sailors, Airmen and Marines In the sights of foes who were yet unseen. From the air and the sea the Rising Sun Let loose heady bombs and fired wrathful guns On the men who slept in their quiet peace Until the sirens’, their slumber released. On the | Read More »

    The Attacks On September 11, 2001

    From The Political and Financial Markets Commentator We All Remember Where We Were. We All Remember The Feeling In The Pits Of Our Stomachs Knowing That Our Country Was Under Attack. Let’s Not Forget That Feeling So That We Never Allow It To Happen Again!!! Do Not Allow Our Leaders In Washington To Forget That Their Primary Job Is To Maintain The Security Of Our | Read More »

    Veterans Fight to Keep 75-yr. old Mojave Desert Memorial Cross

    After WWI many U.S. soldiers moved to the Californian desert to find physical and emotional healing. In 1934, they erected a memorial to honor their fallen comrades, a single white cross, – a symbol used around the world to memorialize those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The site for the memorial was chosen because at a certain time of day, the sun | Read More »


    Today I will go through what I felt during this day seven years ago. I am putting aside all political feelings on how to handle this. This is my memory and my tribute to people who died during September 11th 2001. May god bless them. What’s amazing to me about this is that I remember that day more than any other. I remember it better | Read More »

    Today all Americans should pray.

    **Never Again. With the passing years with each memorial service I’m asked to attend on this Historic day, I have to decline. As an American I am filled with hatred and vengeance for those who wish to do us harm. As a retired firefighter each day I’ll remember those terrorists that killed so many on that September day seven years ago. It is because of | Read More »