Obama’s daddy problem

    Liberal writers like Maureen Dowd are fond of bloviating about the psychological underpinnings of Republican presidents, especially Bush I and II.  O.K., since Obama’s father was, shall we say, “emotionally absent” (among other things), let’s use his other daddy, you know, Jeremiah “Chickens” Wright.   This hateful man has left a rich and pungent trail of recorded evidence and testimony on which to base his likely | Read More »

    Sarah Palin should hire Fred Thompson

    Everyone is a political consultant, or at least thinks he or she is. Since Sarah Palin was chosen as the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate, there has been no paucity of unsolicited advice offered to her by pundits, bloggers and yes, by actual political consultants. I must confess that I have proposed one particular idea for Alaska’s governor in the past, and I’ll come back | Read More »