Perspectives in Education- Part 21: The Basics of Merit Pay

    Merit, or performance pay, is a relatively new phenomena in educational reform. Originally, when the United States was a more rural and agricultural Nation, teachers were hired to teach a variety of ages in a single classroom where the school paid their room and board and they received a small stipend. As the country became more industrialized and with the growth of urban centers, teachers | Read More »

    An Open Question To All Teachers

    Recently, I have taken to patrolling the comments section in our local newspaper here in Ohio.  I don’t use the term ‘patrolling’ lightly either.  It’s amazing that so many union shills descend on a newly posted article so quickly.  It’s almost as if they are tipped off about the new piece.  But our news media wouldn’t do that, would they? Of course not… but I | Read More »

    The true enemies of reform

    Two stories from todays Boston Herald spotlight the pervasive and negative power the teachers unions have over our government. In the first case, the union is standing in the way of their members receiving a bonus for being outstanding at their job. “The Boston Teachers Union staunchly opposes a performance bonus plan for top teachers – launched at the John D. O’Bryant School in 2008 | Read More »