North Korea as an example of Modern Liberalism

    In the past, the term “liberal” meant a person who believed in loose political control of social and economic matters. In the modern linquistics, where up has become down and tax increases are called tax cuts, “liberal” has become synonymous with abject political control over people’s daily lives. In fact, people who called themselves “liberals” in the 18th century would find themselves ideologically more attuned | Read More »

    Attack of the Killer Buckthorn

    Or, There Oughtta Be a Law! Steve Brandt is the usual Spokesmodel type for the Democratic Party-run StarTribune.  Brandt’s writing epitomizes the deeply warped thinking of the average collectivist who believes deeply that government is everything and if only we let the ‘smart’ people run things, we’ll all be better off.  This centralized command and control thinking has permeated the Democratic Party completely and as | Read More »