NAACP: We Demand Michael Jackson’s Home Be Turned Into A State Park. The NAACP, which captured national attention this week by formally condemning the “racist elements” in the Tea Party, is now supporting a California state lawmaker’s proposal to turn the former home of the King of Pop into a state park. Assemblyman Mike Davis said this week that California NAACP president Alice Huffman and others approached him with the idea of the state Department of | Read More »


    Michael Jackson has been laid to rest.  His glorious career and talent are now entombed in a hand polished, gold-plated Promethean sepulcher. Ironically, Prometheus, son of a Titan, stole fire from Zeus and was sentenced to eternity being devoured by a vulture.  Michael, ablaze with the fire of the gods, was led to ruin by a Titan career. According to Greek mythology, Hercules rescued Prometheus from | Read More »

    Stimulus 2.0 – The Latest Scam

    Surprise, surprise!! The Obamunists are hinting strongly that they may need another Stimulus bill to get the economy moving. Ummm, isn’t that what they said about the first stimulus bill? Remember it was needed immediately (meaning without even being read) in order to keep unemployment from going over 8.0%. Well, now that unemployment hovers around 9.5%, people are beginning to ask “why” or better yet | Read More »

    Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D) and two House Resolutions.

    I tried to stay out of the entire bizarre meltdown that was the Jackson funeral. Really, I did. So when Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee (Democrat. Oh, my, yes: Democrat): introduced a resolution in Congress honoring the – what did you call Michael Jackson, Rep. Pete King (R)? Right: low-life, pervert, child molester, and pedophile. …anyway, when Rep. Jackson-Lee did that, I was silent. When Rep. Jackson-Lee | Read More »

    America and Michael Jackson Both Buried Without a Brain

    Today the press said that Michael Jackson is being “…buried without his brain.”  I couldn’t help but make the analogy that America is well on the way to also being buried without a brain.  America freely volunteered to have her brain removed on Election Day in November of 2008.  Since that day, the loss of freedom and hope for our future has drained the life from Lady | Read More »

    A note to the MJM (Michael Jackson Media), especially Fox News…………

    Stop already with Michael Jackson and anything related. Please. I’m begging you. This is NOT news worthy of 24/7 coverage to the point of even canceling repeat shows and infomercials. News is hundreds of thousands (if not more) people in Iran rising up to literally stay alive and not be tortured because they wish to be free from tyranny. News is something like this…….. | Read More »

    I’m Quoted in the Washington Times

    WaTimes writer Jennifer Harper gave me a ring the night that Michael Jackson died and asked for some reaction to the media coverage. I have no interest in Michael Jackson specifically. I’ve never purchased his music and likely never will. I used to switch stations when I heard his stuff hit my radio. But, Harper’s angle was interesting. Read on music lover… Death video, photos | Read More »