Michael Moore on Nobel – “Please Earn it!”

    In this Alice in Wonderland world we seem to be enduring right now, Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. I was wondering how the liberals are feeling about this, and as expected they are having trouble rubbing it in Rebulicans noses and smirking at Obama too. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-moore/congratulations-president_b_315662.html “The irony that you have been awarded this prize on the 2nd day of the ninth year of | Read More »


    The Top Ten Things That Capitalism Has Done For Michael Moore

    Michael Moore proclaims “Capitalism did nothing for me.” You’re wrong, Michael. Dead wrong. Capitalism has done plenty for you, sport. American Capitalism made your 7,500 calorie per day diet cheaper (and tastier) here than anywhere else in the world. That shirt you’re wearing. Polo, by Ralph Lauren. $80 in size XXXL, available at Big and Tall Mens shops nationwide. Horizontal stripes. A guy your size | Read More »

    Michael Moore: my film production crew should own my production company

    [h/t Hunter Baker and Robert Sloan at AmSpec] In an interview this week with Wall Street Journal‘s “Deal Journal” column, noted film-maker Michael Moore speaks out about soon-to-be released Capitalism: A Love Story, produced by his own film production company, Dog Eat Dog Films. In the interview he suggested some changes in the ownership and decision-making structure of his own company*: My role is not | Read More »

    A labor day post for Michael Moore

    This is the first of a series that I hope to use to liberate my leftist hepcat friends from their misconceptions about capitalism.  Thanks to Michael Moore for giving me the springboard with his new movie. Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism

    Michael Moore, Holiday Hypocrite

    Obese beta-male Michael Moore has a new film out called “Capitalism: A Love Story”. The end of the film, according to this piece by Reuters, states the following: “Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil,” the two-hour movie concludes. “You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people and that something is democracy.” As you can | Read More »

    You Can’t Be on Both Sides of the Issue

    One of the reasons I enjoy being a conservative is that I think about an issue, I look at the merits on both sides, and make up my mind where I stand. When I look at what our economy has done recently, I see Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand correcting what was created by our government in the 1990s – artificial growth created around the dot-com | Read More »

    An American Carol

    I like everything I’ve seen about the upcoming film An American Carol. For those who know nothing about it, the film features a Michael Moore character as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Moore’s character defect isn’t a lack of human feeling or sympathy, though. It’s a failure to appreciate the virtues of his country. David Zucker of Airplane fame is the man behind the production. | Read More »

    Michael Moore’s New Film

    I put together some thoughts on Michael Moore’s new film. Believe me, I’m not recommending it, lol. In Slacker Uprising Michael Moore sings a song to himself and the tune is both false and aggrandizing, but you won’t find any real slackers rising here. This film is all about Michael Moore and his narcissism which he exhales with every gargantuan shuffle. This is a rich | Read More »

    Yes, Michael Moore, There is a God in Heaven!

    Last week, as it appeared that Hurricane Gustav would strike New Orleans on the opening day of the Republican convention, Democrats salivated, hoping for a repeat of a Katrina-style disaster. Michael Moore called a press conference to announce that Gustav’s timing “proved that there is a God in Heaven”. Former DNC chair Don Fowler declared that the impending disaster showed that “God is on our | Read More »

    I admit it: McCain is impressing the heck out of me …

    This is not to make light of the difficult times ahead for those folks in the gulf states in Hurricane Gustav’s path. Needless to say, we should all be keeping them in our prayers and hoping it finds its way elsewhere where it would harm no one. Thankfully it appears that the (all-GOP) Governors of MS, AL, LA, TX and FL have learned the lesson | Read More »

    Michael Moore Dares to Ask: What’s So Heroic About Being Shot Down While Bombing Innocent Civilians?

    Yep, now Michael Moore is attacking McCain’s war service. Take a gander at this. “Sadly,” [Moore] writes, “McCain’s sacrifice had nothing to do with protecting the United States. He was sent to Vietnam along with hundreds of thousands of others in an attempt to prop up what was essentially an American colony, South Vietnam, which was being run by a dictator whom we installed.” It | Read More »

    Obama’s veep: Michael Moore nominates Caroline Kennedy

    I’ve obtained a copy of the e-mail sent by Michael Moore to his michaelmooore.com groupies in which he begs Caroline Kennedy, she of Barry’s veep search team, and asks her to “pull a Cheney” and select herself as Barry’s veep. (It’s also on his web site.) The poor man is either drunk or goofy. Here’s the text of Moore’s missive: Dear Caroline, 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 Yours,Michael [email protected] | Read More »

    Moore & Coulter out for USA Today convention coverage

    The USA Today newspaper has dropped plans to feature Ann Coulter and Michael Moore write commentary concerning the two parties’ national convention; instead, they’ll go with Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel. It’s safer that way. The two friends share space in a single column for the paper. Taking the high road? Oh, maybe Thomas will kneecap him.

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