Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis

    I read in USA today Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis want’s to be the RNC chairman. I thought the article was rather disturbing. “Anuzis said the next RNC leader has to be familiar with the latest technology if the party is to rebuild. Given his familiarity with blogging, twittering and raising money over the Internet, he thinks he’d be the best to move the party | Read More »

    Put Me in the “No, But Persuadable” Camp on Michael Steele

    Lt. Gov. Steele knows I like him. And he knows I’d support him if he were RNC Chairman. But at this present moment I am in the no camp. I can be persuaded, but I stand at “no thanks” right now. And frankly, I’m a bit aggravated by a lot of folks on our side who have gone all fan boy on Michael Steele. To | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 11-14-08

    718 Days until Election Day November 14, 2008   QUOTE OF THE DAY: "A former tech wizard who Twitters, Facebooks, and blogs on his website "That’s Saul, Folks!" the Michigan Republican hopes to run as an ideological and tactical innovator who can bring the Republican Party into the 21st century. He announced his intention to run this afternoon via Twitter, Youtube, and emails to the | Read More »

    RNC Chairmanship

    Tune in to Fox’s Hannity & Colmes tonight at 9pm EST for an important segment regarding the RNC Chairmanship. Also, Michael Steele will hold a conference call with bloggers on Friday at 3:15 PM Eastern and you are invited to join him. Please RSVP by replying to Patrick Hynes [email protected] and he will send you the dial-in instructions. Many thanks

    Michael Steele & the Republican “big tent”

    The Hotline On Call this morning reports a “Draft Michael Steele” effort to elevate the former Maryland lt. governor to the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. The online petition is being pushed by Steele friend Tony Marsh and his consulting firm,

    Energy Independence – GOPAC Ad

    Will you please take 2 minutes to watch our new ad, Energy Independence? In a second I will tell you why it’s so important that you watch this ad. First, let me explain why GOPAC has created an ad at this point in the campaign. This election, voters are going to elect candidates with concrete ideas for bringing energy costs under control and protecting Americans | Read More »

    She must be More Qualified than Anyone Thought

    Sarah Palin must be more qualified and ready to assume the Presidency than anyone thought. She must be more qualified and ready to assume the Presidency than Obama and the liberal media wants to admit. Sarah has the left-wing bloggers and liberal media running scared. Their vile and disgusting attacks against her and her family are proof that they truly believe the American people have | Read More »

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