Obama Who

    He’s a mirage, a bad Santa in a fancy suit who intends to play Robin Hood; he will stoop low enough to insure that the “Rules of Radicals” (under a disguise) will be taught in your schools. Community service is great, but parents not Obama should decided if community service is a good fit for their children. He truly thinks he’s some kind of God | Read More »

    The embattled middle class

    I am concerned about the ability of the working and middle class in this country to survive another blow to their financial stability. The Bush tax cuts, which Mr. McCain once objected to as unconscionable, are now a central piece of his program. Why the change? Why are the middle class being asked to cough up $700 billion dollars when the top 10% are being | Read More »

    John McCain ignores the middle class

    **Yes, you can clearly see John McCain ignores the middle class. That is, “if” you make an idiot look like a genius.Here’s another one of my T.V. ads the GOP should run:According to His Highness, Barack Obama, if you say you love your kids, you don’t really love them. Otherwise, you would say you love Susan, and Nicole, and Thomas, not your kids or children. | Read More »

    Some Europeans think Robin Hood really existed

    Senator Joseph Biden the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democrat party is todays Robin Hood.Just listen to the words from Robin Hood himself during an interview. “We want to take the money and put it back into the pockets of the middle class.” This from a man that donated less than $1000 to charity.Rob from the rich to give to the poor. I have news | Read More »

    Who is more middle class than Sarah Palin?

    No one. No one is more middle class than Sarah Palin. No candidate, in my admittedly limited political memory, has ever really fit the definition of “one of us”. I always thought that if someone had the “pull”, connections and money to get elected President or Vice President , couldn’t really be one of us.But Sarah Palin is still one of us. She is a | Read More »

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