Democrats Cleaning House

    Not even 2 days after the midterm elections, the democrats seem to be in the process of cleaning house, or at least potentially changing leadership. Not only that, but many Dems seem to blame the White House and Obama for the “shellacking” they received. -Nancy Pelosi:  Pelosi is the top Democrat who might get ejected. Some democrats are suggesting she should retire, while others actually | Read More »

    #1013bomb Aftermath – My Picks

    Tonight, helped by the folks here at RedState, Hot Air, and other respectable right-leaning folks, a drive was held over Twitter to draw attention to conservative candidates who could really use some help in the last three weeks of this campaign. I took part as well, and I’m sure I ticked off my more liberal followers on twitter with the #1013bomb hashtag coming through repeatedly | Read More »

    Rising Expectations a Double Edged Sword For Republicans in 2010

    The rough and tumble game of politics is far more about image than reality.  In Washington, where spin-wizards work their magic, the reality is secondary to what the public perceives the reality to be. That is why the pre-election summer is so important. It is a time to manipulate your message to strike the right chord with voters. More importantly, it is a time to | Read More »

    LOST in the White House

    Last week, millions of Americans watched, with great anticipation, the series finale of LOST. I wasn’t one of them. One season ( the second) convinced me that the title referred to the show’s writers. What I found more interesting than the series itself are the myriad reactions to its finale: Depending on the speaker, it explained nothing or everything, and even those who believe it | Read More »