The Bizarre Saga of Florida Politics 2010

    Florida is one of those states that Democrats erroneously believe is “purple.”  It isn’t.  While it may be true that certain sections are becoming rather reliable areas- the Miami area and the growing Orlando area- the concentration is, like most other states, in the urban areas.  And the races this year have been very, very interesting. The Governor’s race to replace suntan poster boy and | Read More »


    Mid Term Election Hopes As we approach the midterm elections, there is great anticipation that the Republicans will win a significant majority in the House of Representatives and will substantially increase their strength in the Senate.  That will mark a new era in American politics, where we hope the tide of Socialism will start to be rolled back.  Does anyone remember Barak Obama’s famous quote | Read More »

    Letting One Slip Away in Colorado, but Overall GOP Gains

         Besides the Delaware race, perhaps nowhere else is the ineptitude of a state Republican apparatus more in evidence than in Colorado.  It is a scene from an upcoming release of “Republicans Gone Wild.”      Starting with the Governor’s race, Republicans began shooting themselves in their feet quite early and it has evolved into a three-way race in the general election.  The Democratic candidate was | Read More »

    The Virginia Congressional Races

         With no gubernatorial or Senate races this year, all eyes are on the Congressional races.  Analayzing Virginia is like analyzing two states- the liberal, Democratic portion comprising the environs of Washington, DC and the more conservative, Republican areas in the south and west of the state.  Naturally, that would leave the eastern section along the coast the most contested.      Of the 11 Congressional | Read More »

    West Virginia: Interest in Appalachia

    Like the races in Wisconsin and Washington, the Senate race in West Virginia has changed the thrust of the Democratic strategy this year.  Instead of playing offense in states like New Hampshire, Ohio and Missouri, they are now forced to play defense in these states.  And this is a “special election” to fill out the term of deceased Senator Robert Byrd and the winner will | Read More »

    Dems Cut the Cheese & Lay a Bomb in Wisconsin

         Before looking at the Senate race in Wisconsin, there is also a Governor’s race this year.  Here, Republican Scott Walker, a state lawmaker, leads Tom Barrett by 10 points in the most recent poll and by an average of about 9 points overall.  This puts him on a trajectory towards a Republican victory in November.  In all honesty, I know very little about Barrett | Read More »

    Republican Gains in Indiana

         Probably the biggest blow to the Democratic Party this year was the surprise announcement in February that Indiana Senator Evan Bayh would not seek re-election.  Like North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan before him, he cited the partisan rancor in Washington as the reason for his decision.  The timing of Bayh’s announcement, some say, left the Democrats in Indiana with their pants down although Bayh | Read More »

    Nebraska & Missouri Races

       In the interest of time, I decided to dispense with Nebraska before discussing neighboring Missouri.  In the Cornhusker State, two words describe Democratic chances this year:  NO WAY!!  Incumbent Republican Governor Dave Heineman is up 43 points the polls over his opponent, Mike Meister.  With no Senate race, all three Republican incumbent representatives should win and fairly easily.  Perhaps the only race that might | Read More »

    Of Witchcraft and Masturbation: Who Would Have Thunk It?

    That’s right folks.  The Delaware Senate race is defined by allegations of witchcraft and a philosophical/religious debate over masturbation.  Who would have thought this would happen in 2010?  If nothing else, the Republican primary victory by Christine O’Donnell made this a more interesting affair and perhaps the funniest storyline in this election cycle.  How did it all happen?  What brought us to this point? Until | Read More »

    As the Leaves Change, So Does New Hampshire

         “Live Free or Die.”  New Hampshire’s motto seems to say it all this year.  Given the liberal Obama agenda which transfers freedom from the individual to the bureaucratic statism of Obama’s vision of the Federal government, if New Hampshire residents take their motto to heart- and I believe they do- Democrats are in trouble in this New England paradise.      In case anyone noticed, | Read More »

    A G.O.P. Cattle Drive in Texas

    Texas is perhaps the one state that will most benefit from the 2010 Census as they are projected to gain at least three and possibly four seats.  This affects the presidential electoral process and strategy.  You don’t find Obama doing much campaigning in the Lone Star State.  That may very well have to change in 2012 as he will have to rely less on former | Read More »

    Out of the Seattle Fog: Republican Gains in Washington

      I have to admit that sitting here in New Jersey- about as far away as you can get from Washington without heading out in a boat into the Atlantic Ocean- Washington politics is a distant thought also.  But, after reading some local newspapers on the internet and some other articles about Washington politics in national publications, I have to say, you guys rock.  There | Read More »

    Wolverines at the Gates: The Michigan Races

        Starting at the most northern Congressional district in Mississippi and draw a line north.  About three quarters of the way up, extend a line to the right all the way to Pennsylvania.  This area represents the killing fields for Democrats in November.  The line northward ends in Michigan.  And although Republican gains will not be as great here as they will be in Ohio, | Read More »

    Obama’s Foreign Money Scare Tactic Falls Flat

    Oops. That’s the Obama administration admitting their latest messaging failure. Over the past week the Democratic National Committee and President Barack Obama have been laying out a coordinated attack against donations by foreign owned corporations. Yet another election year bogeyman that is intended to draw voters away from the main issues – the economy, the unemployment rate, and looming taxes – that are sure to | Read More »

    Thank You, Arkansas

      Hey!  I am going to admit this on a conservative, Republican website.  The only time I ever voted for a Democratic nominee for President, he hailed from Arkansas!  That man was Bill Clinton.  And leaving aside his sexual escapades, from a personal standpoint I really don’t and didn’t care about that stuff (it was between him and Hillary although I thought he could have | Read More »