6 Days to Election Day: Colorado

    In 2008, in heavy turnout, Obama won this state with close to 54% of the vote by about 213,000 votes. This is one state that Obama flipped to the Democratic side that year. Compared to the 2004 results, where the margin of victor came from, Obama managed to win 5 counties that Kerry failed to carry in 2004. Two of them- Ouray and Huerfano- are | Read More »

    No Compromise on Afghanistan

    Representatives Price and Coffman have the top story at Human Events today, and it is an important one. Right now, as commander-in-chief, President Obama must lead on Afghanistan, or we risk losing what he has described as the “central front” in our battle against al Qaeda.This past March, the President laid out his mission for the war: “to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda in | Read More »

    Colorado Primary Watch [Final Update]

    I did my civic duty and went to the polls today to cast my vote in the Primary election for Republicans in my district. In every single race in my district there was only one person running, so the choice was easy. I don’t have any heartburn over anyone running, so I avoided the non-vote protest statements. There are a couple of close races elsewhere | Read More »

    Wil Armstrong for Congress (CO-6)

    The Republican primary race for U.S. House, District 6 from Colorado is to replace Tom Tancredo who is not running for re-election. There are four candidates running for this seat, two of which are Mike Coffman and Wil Armstrong. This seat is safely in Republican hands, so whoever wins the Primary will be going to Washington. Both Coffman and Armstrong are solid conservatives, which makes | Read More »