Cherilyn Eagar challenges Mike Lee after he’s a no-show to radio debate

    Mike Lee cancels debate hosted by Lonsberry Cherilyn Eagar challenges him to man up and show what he’s got SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, March 5, 2010.  Yesterday morning should’ve been a banner day for the Eagar or Lee senate campaigns, with one camp boasting of a clear victory in a one-on-one debate on KNRS talk radio.  This much-anticipated clash of titans, to be hosted by | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    When given the chance to vote on an amendment that would have prohibited social security surplus funds from being spent on other government programs, Senator Bob Bennett opposed the amended this no brainer.(Roll call vote 65, 2008)

    Bob Bennett Must Go: He Supports Amnesty

    In a Utah debate, Bob Bennett admitted to supporting amnesty. The challengers also attacked Bennett on immigration. Lee, for example, said, “I would vote against any form of amnesty. I wish I could say the same of the incumbent senator,” who Lee said did vote for it.Bennett denied that, saying “amnesty is in the eyes of the beholder.” He said he voted for “heavy fines | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    The Club for Growth informs us that Bennett voted against an amendment that would defund the “Bridge to Nowhere” pork project. Over the course of his career, he has supported countless earmarks like $200,000 for a museum in Omaha, Nebraska, and $3.7 million for the AFL-CIO. He also voted against a one-year earmark moratorium. SOURCE: Roll Call Vote #262, 10/20/05; #215, 07/06/09; #385, 10/23/07; #75, | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: Even UT-GOP Leaders Aren’t Backing Him

    He is a sitting United States Senator. He’s been around for decades. That means nothing this year. From the Governor to Congressmen to the legislature, Republicans in Utah have decided to sit this one out.If Bob Bennett were so great, why wouldn’t they be getting on board? In fact, Bennett is pretty bad and they know it. They also know just how vulnerable he is.If | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: The Individual Mandate

    I don’t know about you, but I think when proposing such bold initiatives, our senators should actually ask, “Is it constitutional?” But it is clear Bob Bennett does not respect the constitution. [N]ot every member of the GOP opposes an individual mandate.Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, backed an individual mandate as part of a bipartisan health reform bill he pushed with Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden. | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    Bob Bennett, when asked about the constitution, once referred to it as “an outmoded document from an agrarian society.”Seriously.*On sourcing: I’ve confirmed with multiple people who heard him say it, but it was in a closed door setting. I’d be happy to hear him deny it, but then he’d have to contend with the corollaries that have been caught on tape. Stay tuned for those.

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    The Club for Growth notes that Senator Bob Bennett sponsors and supports the so-called “Healthy Americans Act,” a trillion-dollar government takeover of healthcare that rivals ObamaCare for being a massive big government proposal. It would increase job-killing taxes, impose an individual mandate, increase health care costs, and would give Washington the authority to regulate every health care plan in the country. The legislation, S. 391, | Read More »

    Conservatives for 2010

    Jed Babbin has the top story at Human Events today and previews a number of races around the country.I’ve got to take issue with one though. Jed writes: “Retired Navy pilot Mike Lee is challenging Sen. Bob Bennett for the Republican nomination this year. Lee seems like a great guy and some day may be a great candidate. But Bennett’s conservative credentials — though imperfect | Read More »

    Defeating Bob Bennett. It is Looking More Likely

    Box Elder County, Utah had a GOP straw poll last night. Bob Bennett may be celebrating his win in public, but in private he is putting on Depends and girding himself for defeat. It is pretty clear after Box Elder’s straw poll, regardless of just how meaningless straw polls tend to be, that Bob Bennett is in serious, serious trouble.Bob Bennett received 121 votes while | Read More »

    Meet Mike Lee (R CAND, UT-SEN).

    The connection’s spotty, so let me just put this up: His website is here. Good guy.

    Passion, Risk, And Reward

    “Extraordinary times call for bold risk and leadership. These are extraordinary times. If we fail, we are no worse off than we were before. But if we win, the rewards will be much, much greater.” Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey showed true and very real leadership yesterday at CPAC. To understand why, and I hope conservative groups and tea party activists read this post | Read More »

    New poll confirms majority of Utah does not want Italian nuclear waste

    New poll confirms majority of Utah does not want Italian nuclear waste Senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar opposes foreign imported n-waste Since the debate on foreign importation of nuclear waste began, Cherilyn Eagar has stood absolutely against it. In a poll published yesterday by The Salt Lake Tribune, an “[o]verwhelming majority says Utah is not the right place for depleted uranium and foreign radioactive waste.” The | Read More »

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