Does NY-20’s Scott Murphy (D) still think that the military’s a bunch of racists?

    (H/T: Hot Air) That’s a serious question, because he signed his name to an article saying precisely that back in college. The quote goes: The military not only discriminates on the basis of sexual preference, but on the basis of sex and race. Women are not allowed to serve in combat even if they are physically superior to males who do serve in combat. And, | Read More »

    How Iraq was Won

    Give ya a hint, it wasn’t all flag officers and politicians Every day, NCOs in Humvees, junior officers from Captain on down were dealing with the local police and Iraqi army units one on one. The Staff Sergeants, Gunnys, and corpsmen went face to face with local people and called them out. They coached, encouraged, and shamed when necessary. They went into dangerous areas not | Read More »

    More Cuts Next Generation Weapon Systems

    From Strategy Page: Heavy Bombers Hit The Twilight Zone by James Dunnigan February 17, 2009 The U.S. Department of Defense has told the U.S. Air Force that there will be no more money for developing a new heavy bomber. Not for a while, anyway. That will slowdown the decade long air force effort to get a new heavy bomber, but won’t stop it. Since the | Read More »

    Loose Lips Sink Ships (Feinstein D-CA torpedoes Pakistan)… why Democrats cannot be entrusted with US Security

    It would appear that the following Posters need to be put up all over Washington DC to remind Democrats that “Loose Lips Can Cost Lives” and while the old saying used to also have a “Loose Lips Sink Ships” variety – today it is “Loose Lips Will Ground Predators.” And to think these fools think it will be fine-and-dandy to have Trials for Terrorists in | Read More »

    Teachin’ ‘Em Right

    An honor guard of the Canadian Army was marching at a memorial service in Belgium. The video is of a little Belgian boy watching them go by, and he does something that the Canadians respond to in kind. It’s nice to see someone teaching this child properly. (Hat tip: Dave In Texas)

    Obama’s Stealth Defense Cuts

    Late last night we asked “Is Obama preparing to cut the defense budget?” All we had to work with at the time were personal observations by some who had seen a Fox News report that the president had asked the Pentagon to slash defense spending by 10%. The story had not yet been posted on the FNC website at that late hour.

    Wounded Vets Walk Out on Onaugural Ball

    Tuesday night marked the latest in a series of missteps with the military for a new president (whose need for on-the-job training is painfully obvious) and/or his supporters: An inaugural ball honoring U.S. military veterans ended in a kerfluffle as several veterans walked out when a musical act’s attempt at humor backfired. During the Heroes Red, White & Blue Inaugural Ball honoring the nation’s veterans, a | Read More »

    Obama and the Democrats will bring ‘change’ to the military. Is it ready? Does it even matter?

    A possible breakthrough in the stalled two front culture war is developing. The debate over if gays should be allowed to serve openly in the military began back in President Clinton’s first days in office, and according to President-elects Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Obama is prepared to end the compromise of “don’t ask don’t tell” and spearhead a new offensive for the secularist’s drive into | Read More »

    The Smell of Success Against Global Terror in 2008

    The indispensable Bill Roggio reports on the State of Jihad for 2008. Iraq smells like roses. The counterinsurgency doctrine written by Petraeus and implemented by Odierno succeeded in turning around a situation that seemed hopeless two years ago. Green Zone control was turned over to Iraq this week. Al Qaeda has been crushed. Muqtada al Sadr is still going to Ayatollah school in Iran, while | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Dec. 3, 2008 hijacks GOP language on key issues launch bailout blitz for Big Three CEOs to seek billions more from Congress fault oversight of bank bailout funds sense end of era low mortgage rates out of reach Many owners not qualified Clinton can’t serve as Sec. of State Group cites ineligibility clause exiles fear Kazakh leader’s wrath warns of risk of an attack by 2013 marches | Read More »

    Credit Due: President Bush continues to keep us safe

    With Mumbai attacks fresh on everyones mind and, if anything positive can be made of it, maybe it will be a jarring eye opener of just what is at stake with the war on the West. But one constant theme has been played through it all from the Bush administration and that theme has been a very proactive, security first, bad guys last, approach to | Read More »

    There are still heroes among us…

    I was thinking about posting about that, but I’ll promote this instead. – Moe LaneWith a hat tip to the guys at Blackfive check out this note attached to the hospital room door of a severely wounded Navy Seal…

    It is that time of year when we give THANKS for all we have been blessed with, so..

    I am a Soldiers Angel and the United States Military is cause #1 for me. These men and women with courage and grace beyond the average person are heroes. They volunteer to stand ready to protect our way of life on a daily basis. We thank them when we see them and our hearts pound when we see them march in formation because we are | Read More »

    Americans Fighting for Liberty in a Place Not Named Iraq or Afghanistan

    From David Hardy:They’re on a night patrol, about 2 AM, 20 below zero. Coming toward them they can hear, and barely see, are a party of NK refugees, fleeing NK infantry, who are firing on them. Americans move up, and he sees a tiny 4 yr old girl coming toward him thru the gunfire. He grabs her, throws her to the ground, goes prone and | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 13, 2008 to file suit to undo McCain rules McCain-Feingold limits hurt presidential efforts stimulus hurts U.S. credit markets Surplus funds stay at home U.S. military worries about climate change Dead veteran’s kin demand trauma inquiry After death of son, dad takes cases to Capitol Hill won more races Losers are the less well off leaders stay, listen to Israeli Religious tolerance conference lives up to | Read More »