Top Ten Reasons not to vote for Obama

    Lack of Judgement demonstrated by his long association with people who hate AmeriKKKa like Jeremiah Wright (Pastor who screamed “God Damn AmeriKKKa” right after 9/11-, William Ayers (unrepentant domestic terrorist who bombed Government Buildings in the 70’s and who said after 9/11 that he regretted that he had not done more-, and Rezko (convicted felon who bankrolled his first political campaign amongst others. Culpability | Read More »

    ACORN Inst. needs your ‘charitable’ contribution

    My congressman will be hearing about this today. Will yours? With ACORN voter fraud investigations in the offing, coast-to-coast, I find it rather apalling that it’s “Institute” is an authorized CFC charity. This only helps ACORN raise money at one end of its (purposely) confusing enterprise, to promote it’s registration and sub-prime mortgage relief (bailout) efforts at the other end. Donate to ACORN Institute ACORN | Read More »

    No money in defense bill for 11,550 airmen

    But Congress never forgets Acorn funding.. By Sam LaGrone – Staff writerPosted : Sunday Sep 28, 2008 9:38:16 EDT In June, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the end of the Air Force drawdown. But, apparently, no one told Congress. A Sept. 24 joint congressional report on the 2009 defense bill says lawmakers have not authorized funds for more than 317,050 airmen. That is considerably fewer | Read More »

    View From The North

    I don’t know how many Redstate readers are familiar with the name Kevin Chilton but he is the head of Air Force Strategic Command. He is truly committed to the defense of the US and its allies. He has taken on the quiet issue of revitalizing the US “new” Triad. Most importanly he has called repeatedly for a renewal of strategic forces – missiles, bombers | Read More »

    Dear Mr. Obama

    This is my first diary post. A friend of mine recommended this video on YouTube and I thought I would share it here, as a reminder of just one of the reasons that McCain should be elected. (I’m not sure how to embed the video, so I can only give the link.) Dear Mr. Obama


    MY AMERICAN HERO ~ One of the reasons why I’m the patriot I am, as well as something that made an impact on my life resulting as one of the reasons why I joined the US Marine Corps, is when I was a child in 1970, at the age of 10 during the Vietnam “conflict”, I proudly wore a POW bracelet … one that I | Read More »

    Obama’s Wistful Military Service

    As I ponder his latest assertion I suddenly see Obama’s claims from a different perspective. So the RNC turns out great. More people watch McCain’s speech and listen with tears in the eyes to his telling of his experiences as a POW. Over 40 million people hear about a life of service, sacrifice, putting others and country first, and living by an honor code. 40 | Read More »

    Obama’s “Christmas in Cambodia” Moment?

    On This Week with George Stephanopoulos (aside from the obvious hilarity that Barack actually considered a career other than fame) there is a very real discrepancy between Obama’s answer to a viewer’s question about whether he ever considered military service… and the facts with respect to his answer. “You know, I had to sign up for Selective Service when I graduated from high school. …. | Read More »

    Biden (D-Plagiarism) confuses brigades with BATTALIONS..

    Hmm, guess all that foreign policy gravitas and learning of four decades in Washington never really paid off for the guy. Then again, with his FIVE military deferments it is not shocking that Biden has NO CLUE as to anything to do with the military. “And for the third time since his acceptance speech a week ago, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee | Read More »

    A Message to Barrack

    I’ve heard you say on countless occasions that the Republicans are trying to scare people into not voting for you because, “I don’t look like any of the other faces on our money.” Or because, “My name is different”. For the record, Barrack, the only person I have heard say these things about you is YOU!!! You, Barrack, are the only one who is making | Read More »

    Jon Voight Rallies Families of the Troops in St. Paul

    My friend Michael Bates has a writeup and some footage from a rally outside the Convention for families of our troops, including a video of Jon Voight (of American Carol) praising our military members.

    Thank you Mr McCain!

    Once again John McCain has proven that he has the political genius to outwit his opponent in this election. With one masterful stroke he destroyed any momentum that Obama would have enjoyed from his convention and his “I AM” speech the other night. With the VP pick of Sarah Palin he has firmly solidified his base and has re-energized this race. Of course the smears, | Read More »

    Peace Through Strength

    “Our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of The Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian… this is a Christian nation”. United States Supreme Court, 1892 There are certain defining principles which dictate human behavior and determine the | Read More »

    Democratic Military Intelligence

    The Democratic Party spent a good portion of Wednesday night’s convention telling the American people how they loved and respected the military. For those of you that have very short memories, this is the same party that referred to our soldiers in 2006 as Nazi SS troops (Murtha) and cold blooded killers (Durbin), and accused them of terrorizing innocent civilians (Kerry). Neither these folks nor | Read More »

    Irony (Updated)

    In light of the recent events in Georgia, I offer Westwood Studios’ take on US-Russian relations. Given Obama’s naivete to cut the military, that video seems like reality.