Never Forget: Why bikers are descending on DC on 9/11 to Counter-Protest the Million Muslim March

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    On September 11, 2001, I boarded a flight from Newark to Dallas. Although on a different airline, I left from the same terminal at around the same time as Flight 93.

    Four hours later, when we were grounded in Memphis told about the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, I knew the Twin Towers had come down via cell phone but did not fully grasp what was told to me until we got off the plane and saw the CNN footage on a television in the terminal.

    Though it’s been 12 years next month, like most Americans, September 11th is a day that I will never forget. In the months that followed September 11th, for the briefest of moments, our nation was united as one people, one party–all American.

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    Did You Hear the One About the Million Muslim March?

    In what has got to be one of the biggest examples of chutzpah by any group at any time in American history, AMPAC- the American Muslim Political Action Committee- is organizing a Million Muslim march on Washington DC on September 11, 2013. The reason for this march is best explained by AMPAC executive director, Isa Hodge. Claiming that Muslims were equally traumatized by the events | Read More »