Those Chilean Miners’ Shirts

    I saw the word “Jesus” on the sleeves of the shirts on the Chilean miners as they came up, one by one, in the capsule.  (Yeah, we had the streaming video going as I worked from home.  What a terrific event.)  But no news organization so much as mentioned the other writings on those shirts. Thus the citizen investigative journalist kicks in where the major | Read More »

    Chilean Miners Freed! – God And Extraordinary Drilling Technology.

    No one has ever survived underground this long before. Oh, there have been rescues, but none, none nearly this long. In 2002, the Quecreek mine disaster, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, had nine miners trapped for 78 harrowing hours as mine water levels rose, endangering the mens’ lives as mine rescue teams frantically drilled and pumped. Last man out – Luis Urzua. The Chilean Government put out | Read More »