Grassley Doesn’t Threaten Copeland Ministries, Again

    Grassley shows no signs of letting up on his investigation of six Christian ministries. These ministries, all televangelist that preach the prosperity gospel, are under a Senate Finance Committee investigation being spearheaded by the Republican senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley. A number of religious groups have publicly come out against Grassley’s crusade (Coalition’s Letter, Believers Stand United, Assemblies of God) and a few of the | Read More »

    Iowans Taking Notice of Grassley Missteps

    According to Matt Lewis on, Grassley has been punished by Iowa Republicans for his investigation of Christian ministries. I hope this is a sign that Iowa conservatives and Republicans are taking note of Grassley’s activities. This last weekend was the Iowa GOP convention. According to a reliable source, some conservatives (believing Sen. Grassley has lately been drinking too much water from the Potomac), decided | Read More »