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    The Attack Was Not

    The attack in Pennsylvania was no attack. The young lady either needs jail time or mental help or both. For the members of the left now gloating, please remember we correct our stories. You do not. [UPDATE]: Moe Lane here, and I’d like to offer an apology… to Constant Reader Han Pritcher, who I yelled at the beginning of the thread yesterday. I’m sorry, Han: | Read More »

    On “The only poll that counts is on Election Day” and other Self-Deceptions

    Apropos of nothing, I’m going to quote something Ace wrote a while back on polls. Anyone who’s familiar with my RS history would know that I’m not writing this to be discouraging, but instead to avoid us repeating the mistake we made in 2006. Simple; we cannot afford to continue ignoring/dismissing polls with results we don’t like with the same set of excuses. Polls as | Read More »

    A few points

    The media today is trumpeting the fact that today the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by more points than on any other day in history. This caught my attention not because of the number, but because usually the media also gives us the percentage drop. Today they did not — caught up instead in the number. Peter Robinson notes the drop was only 7% in | Read More »

    Sorry folks

    The server had a serious problem tonight that required a manual reboot of the server at its physical location. Our apologies. — Erick

    Wednesday Thoughts

    You’ll have to forgive day two of this. Last night I had a marathon city council session. The interstate through Macon is to be expanded and made safer. The arts and activist crowd that lives no where near the interstate is up in arms over the project because, dare I say it, it’ll bring more people driving through our beloved city. Meanwhile, Pleasant Hill, a | Read More »

    Miscellaneous Monday Morning Thoughts*

    You’ll have to forgive me. For the life of me I can’t get excited about writing this week. There is too much to do. My office is a wreck, having moved from one room of the house to another — my office to become the nursery for the new baby, the master bedroom is now the guest bedroom and my office, the living room is | Read More »