The TRUE Great Failure of Barack Obama.

    The TRUE Great Failure of Barack Obama.

    There has been quite a bit of commentary – not to say, ‘gloating’ – about the Democrats’ rather problematical 2016 prospects*.  To wit: their front-runners are all old (late sixties to early seventies), all have baggage, and all distinctly lacking in any sort of executive experience whatsoever**.  Worse, their front-runners are also their bench, as the surviving Democratic governors aren’t exactly anything to write home about, | Read More »

    White House job council closes as unemployment rate increases.

    …Oops? Andrew Malcolm is quite blunt: As the Labor Department today reported more disappointing hiring news for January, including an unexpected jump in the unemployment rate, President Obama joined thousands of other American employers and let his own White House jobs council go. The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness expired in obscurity Thursday in an unmarked bureaucratic grave. Created two years ago to display | Read More »

    We’re looking at this all wrong

    I was thinking today while I was out making a quick trip: We on the right have fouled up badly our responses to the visit President Obama made to the GOP retreat. We’ve spent the whole time bashing Republicans and talking about how great Obama looks on television, when we missed what the true, underlying message was: The President spent his first year in office | Read More »

    Which should be the takeaway quote to this anti-Obama screed?

    Should it be: Barack Obama has now, in just a year’s time, become the single most inept president perhaps in all of American history, and certainly in my lifetime. Or should it be: Of course, I don’t give a [expletive deleted] about Barack Obama anymore, other than my desire that really ugly things happen to him as payment in kind for the grandest act of | Read More »

    Random Meanderings Open Thread

    If President Obama drops another point in the Gallup poll tomorrow, then the only Presidents to have fallen faster and worse than he will have been a one-termer and a guy who got impeached. Not only that, but no President ever had a worse Dow Jones Industrial Average drop on Inauguration day than he had, and that was before Death Panels, Health Rationing, [email protected], rendition, | Read More »

    Administration: Obama’s Iran diplomacy plan is going to fail

    During his Presidential campaign, Barack Obama famously promised direct diplomacy with Iran, going as far as to say he will meet Iranian leaders without preconditions of any kind. Even as Iranian-funded and -armed forces in Iraq were bombing civilians and shooting at American troops, he promised to meet with their leaders. We’re not at war with Eurasia, and absolutely should not start one. As he | Read More »

    Google greases the skids for the GDrive

    Google is readying for what is possibly their most bandwidth-intensive Internet service yet: The Google Drive is reported to be a planned service to let people store all their data on Google’s servers, but access it all like a disk drive from their own home computers. Services like Youtube and Picasa already transfer large amounts of data, but the GDrive conceivably would mean the continuous, | Read More »

    Hey, remember the Bush “miserable failure” Googlebomb?

    Guess what happened when we switched Presidents Tuesday? Yup, it’s now triggering Obama. At least on Yahoo; Google fixed this problem a while back, although if I understand this fellow correctly Obama’s bio is going to be increasingly linked with “failure” until everything’s resolved. There’s a certain air of “the President’s tech team should have been on top of this:” I dunno if that’s fair. | Read More »