Get Your Facts

    There has been several times the our esteemed president has shot off his mouth without having the facts.  In these, it has come back to bite him. There is the one when a certain sargent Growley arrested a Professor Gates.  More recently there is him not talking to BP about the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Why would a person shoot off | Read More »


    Is Obama to blame?

    We all remember how Obama and the other democrats blamed Bush for every single thing that ever happened anywhere during his tenure as President. When it was too warm, Bush’s fault. Too cold, Bush’s fault. When levies broke that were built long before Bush due to a natural storm, Yep you guessed it, Bush’s fault. Hell, he even took the blame when a democrat farted | Read More »

    100 Days 100 Mistakes…

    (All due apologies to the AFI) Please join with me now in “celebration” of Barrack Obama’s 100 days in office. Take a moment from your busy day, paying for other peoples mortgages or health care and list below (in the comments) one of your favorite Obama mistakes. Let’s see if we can’t list (one per comment please) at least 100… one per day. I’m sure | Read More »

    Indians go a-pirate hunting….more complex than first thought…

    Earlier you all may remember the post about the Indian Navy destroying a pirate mother ship. At the news of the ship’s destruction, many people, including myself, expressed happiness at the destruction. I read this article today, which changed my enthusiasm into disgust and sadness. Pirate ‘Mother Ship’ or Thai Trawler The article is short, but the part that upset me was the assertion that | Read More »