Romney’s Problem and the Conservative Solution

    Mitt Romney has a big problem. And it isn’t his comment about the 47%. Romney’s problem is his inability to communicate a vision for America. Frankly, this is why I wasn’t in Romney’s corner during the primaries, and why I haven’t been an overly enthusiastic supporter since.  He simply can’t capture the true nature of conservatism and show that it means as much to him | Read More »

    The 47 Percent

    Copious pages of commentary have been poured over the kerfuffle surrounding Romney’s newly-discovered comments regarding the 47% who don’t pay taxes and inexorably vote for Democrats.  It’s important to note that Mother Jones malevolently edited out two minutes of the video right at the time Romney made the “47 percent” comment.   There are a few points that I believe have been overlooked throughout this | Read More »

    Mitt Romney’s Remarks are Another Chick-Fil-A Moment

    Mitt Romney's Remarks are Another Chick-Fil-A Moment

    Just a few months ago, Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A, gave an interview to a Christian publication that asked him about the Chick-Fil-A Foundation’s support of marriage. Cathy defending his position and spoke about his family’s faith. picked it up and ran a story that Cathy had come out against gay marriage. In fact, Cathy hadn’t been asked directly about gay marriage, but it was | Read More »

    A Traitor is a Traitor is a Traitor

    In 2008, Obama said he would fundamentally change America – why weren’t we in shock when we heard those words. What did we really think he meant? A man who wouldn’t honor our Country by placing his hand over his heart during our National Anthem and in return we’re supposed to honor this man some call Mr. President… Most politicians wore the flag pin since | Read More »

    The Recent Romney Statements

    By now, many readers are likely aware of the secretly recorded video making such a splash in the news of Mitt Romney at a fundraising event where he spoke of the 47% of Americans who pay no income tax. To his credit, he immediately answered the Democratic/liberal spin on the statements. Unfortunately, the fact he did so via a late night news conference indicates a | Read More »

    The 47%-ers for Mitt

    Limousine liberals and government workers for Obama are not among The 47% Who knew that private political fundraisers produce bitter clinger identifications across the political spectrum? Famously during the 2008 presidential campaign, thanks solely to conservative media, Barack Obama was revealed to have identified Democratic primary voters for Hillary in Pennsylvania as racist, religious gun nuts. Last May, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, in a | Read More »

    Conservatives Agree: Romney’s Right

    I stand second to none in being critical of Mitt Romney’s campaign. Hell, on MSNBC yesterday, Bay Buchanan lit into me as having never been with them and finding things to criticize. So pay attention here. Michael Warren is engaged in some beltway thinking that I think has plagued the Romney camp and which has always been a chief concern.For once, we see Mitt Romney | Read More »

    Tell us what you really think, Mitt, and you’ll have your 10-pt lead in the polls

    Gasp…horrors… the MSM is calling out Mitt Romney for yet another gaffe.  Two within the span of almost a week.  But these are not gaffes.  This is Mitt telling the voters what he thinks, that 1) we shouldn’t apologize for our First Amendment rights of free speech; 2) that the storming of our Embassies in Libya and Egypt was indeed outrageous and disgusting; 3) that | Read More »

    BullBiden! a.k.a Romney’s Hope-a-Dope

    The Rope-a-Dope. The joke is so easy, it almost writes itself. This week, though, we’ve got to put the emphasis on the word dope. It works on two levels: Dope, the insult directed at the fantastically dunderheaded, and the cannabis derivative that has become the official inhalant of Occupy Wall Street. I think I want to go on record and say that neatly-rolled joints and rape are the only | Read More »

    Tech at Night: BRAINS; White House admits cybersecurity rule by decree is coming

    Tech at Night

    Chuck Schumer is introducing the BRAINS Act and it’s not even about zombie preparedness. Come on, get on the ball guys. Well, it’s actually a bill about getting smart people into the US from other countries. However, rather than lock them down and distort the market with H1-Bs, we’ll give them a path to a green card. Sounds good to me. Though I also like Lamar Smith’s eliminating of the diversity lottery.

    And the administration admits rule by decree is in the works for cybersecurity. Night and day. That’s the difference between Mitt Romney and Barry Obama, folks.

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    Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators

    Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators

    “So how do you feel about your new position with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)?” asked Media Bistro of Jonathan Allen. “Certainly excited. I’m happy to go to work for someone who inspires me and who I admire. I’m hopeful I can advance the Democratic Party’s goals and obviously, the congresswoman’s goals,” Jonathan Allen replied. Jonathan Allen is now the Politico’s senior Washington correspondent. This | Read More »

    Mitt Romney, Friend in Need

    Mitt Romney, Friend in Need

    The Obama campaign has spent months laboring to get this election to be about anything but the president’s record and the candidates’ policy proposals. As often happens in campaigns, this requires painting caricatures with no connection to the facts. The Obama camp has worked hard to make Mitt Romney out as a bad, unfeeling, cold-hearted rich guy who only cares about his own bottom line. | Read More »

    Waiting For Superman In The Windy City

    We all know who could settle the current public school teacher strike in Chicago. Karen Lewis tells us the delegates could settle it by this Wednesday, provided they like the latest proposal from the Mayor. Mayor Emanuel tells us the strike is illegal and the Cook County Circuit Court could order the work stoppage unclogged with a flourish of the judicial pen. The parents of 350,000 children, who sit at home and in some cases unsupervised, thought they had elected Mayor Emanuel to deal with this sort of situation. Yet one man could make one or two phone calls and turn this whole thing off like a light. Unfortunately, that chair sits empty.

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    Barack Obama Leading From Behind On China

    Barack Obama Leading From Behind On China

    The United States is filing a trade complaint against China. This comes as the President heads to the swing state of Ohio. Naturally he says it is not politically. But really? Mitt Romney has been pounding on the China issue for weeks. He’s made being tough with China a central part of his campaign. In fact, before the news came out today, Mitt Romney’s campaign | Read More »

    On Stuart Stevens Contrasted with Eric Fehrnstrom

    II actually had not seen this Politico piece until this morning when people were sending me links. I’ve been on a mini-vacation. Let me just note a few points. First, yes I know Stevens did not participate in the New Republic profile, but those things do not happen by accident. Second, when the Politico is running stories like this followed by Stevens says he will | Read More »