Me and my cool cat Mittens

    My cool cat Mittens is quite a character. Some of my friends say he used to sound like a donkey. Others think he looks like a rhino. Now I know y’all will think I’m crazy, but Mittens actually talks to me: as far as he’s concerned, he’s always been nothing but a big fat elephant. Oh, the stories Mittens and I have! One summer we | Read More »

    RomneyCare vs. RomneyReform

    Sorry for the tome, but this comes from watching Romney’s speech on Romneycare and Romney’s Reform plan.  Soren Dayton listed several good questions earlier today for Romney’s health care speech. Romney did not answer all of them, but I compiled those that he appeared to answer with some additional points I was able to glean from the speech.  [My opinions are in brackets]: If you | Read More »

    And The Only National Republican Helping in Massachusetts is:

    Mitt Romney. Please pardon my snickering. You see, I’ve been seeing Ed Morrissey and other bloggers pound the table (don’t misunderstand me, I want them to do so) about how the RNC gave Scozzy Bear a million bucks to lose a primary — and then endorse the Democrat. But I digress. The RNC was there for The Scozz, and now they’re not there for Scott | Read More »