MN-SEN: MN Dem chair agrees with Pawlenty, not Schumer

    Earlier in the week, I noted that the Democratic strategy with respect to the Minnesota Senate recount between Norm Coleman and Al Franken is to demand that Franken be seated if the state courts rule in his favor. Chuck Schumer was saying it, while the academics on the left were laying out the argument that the federal courts wouldn’t take it. But there is a | Read More »

    MN-Sen: The Universe of Reconsideration

    I realized that my previous article regarding the Election Contest Court’s Tuesday rulings may have been vague, as well as incomplete. I want to take this opportunity to clarify those rulings with respect to previous and future events. To begin I’d like to restate the pertinent information from Tuesday’s rulings: The above-entitled matter came before the Court upon a Motion in Limine by Contestee Al | Read More »

    Franken’s Floridian Fun Fest

    Where is Al Franken? He claims to have won an election in Minnesota. But that’s not what a local reporter says. Al has been spotted in Florida: Make that since anyone in Minnesota has seen Franken. That was the day he proclaimed victory after the Canvassing Board certified his 225-vote win. He took no questions after his brief statement, only to disappear behind the façade | Read More »

    If tax cheats are too much for government work …

    So Tom Daschle isn’t going to be Secretary of Health and Human Services for being a tax cheat. And Nancy Killefer removed herself from consideration for the same reason. Now what about those people who want to be in Congress? Like Al Franken? Or Scott Murphy? Just sayin …

    MN Board Resolves 6,688 Challenges

    The Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office posted a draft quality spreadsheet containing a proposed resolution for all 6,688 challenges. I’ve tabulated the results into a more readable format below: Candidate Challenges ->Coleman ->Franken ->Other Coleman (R) 3,404 32 3,125 247 Franken (D) 3,296 2,926 71 299 Both 12 3 5 4 Total 6,688 2,955 3,191 478 Challenge Gain: Franken +236 Margin (Pre-Challenges): Coleman +188 Challenge | Read More »

    MN-Sen: Review of Challenged Ballots, Day 3

    The second to last day allocated by the State Canvassing Board for the review of challenged ballots started today at 9 AM CT. The proceedings can be watched at the Minnesota House of Representatives Website (as shown below) or at Yesterday the Board examined 415 total ballots, predominately from the Franken pile, and ruled as follows, according to the StarTribune: Candidate Challenges ->Coleman ->Franken | Read More »

    MN-Sen: Review of Challenged Ballots, Day 2

    Day 2 of the challenged ballot review process was restarted this morning at 9 AM CT, by the five member Minnesota Canvassing Board. The proceedings can be watched at the Minnesota House of Representatives Website (as shown below) or at [The second session has ended, but a replay is available.] A full recap of yesterday’s event is available, along with a full video replay | Read More »

    MN-Sen: Review of Challenged Ballots, Day 1

    The State Canvassing Board has begun the tedious process of reviewing the challenged ballots from the Minnesota Senate Recount. The proceedings can be watched at the Minnesota House of Representatives Website (as shown below) or at [The canvassing board’s session has ended] The exact number of challenges, by either campaign, remains somewhat uncertain. Each campaign has released three phases of withdrawals, roughly halving their | Read More »

    Minnesota Senate Recount: 100% Precincts Reporting

    According to the MN SOS site, 100% of the 4130 precincts are now reporting their recount result. These totals do not included allegedly wrongfully rejected absentee ballots or challenges: Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann also suggested that there may be as many as 1,600 of these allegedly wrongfully rejected absentee ballots, or around 13% of all rejected absentee ballots. At this point it’s impossible | Read More »

    MN-SEN: Franken tries to steal the election again

    According to the AP, Joker Al Franken’s campaign tried to add votes to their tally that had already been disqualified. Fortunately, the Hennepin County Board of Elections shot them down. From the AP: Minnesota’s largest county has declined a request from Al Franken’s Senate campaign to reconsider some disqualified absentee ballots. […] Board members said the ballots could be dealt with during the upcoming recount. | Read More »

    MN-SEN: Coleman: Count the ballots cast!

    The Democrats are trying to steal a Senate seat in Minnesota. The Coleman campaign is trying to block the counting of 32 ballots because they were riding around with a Democratic election official for 3 days. Surely you can trust those right? From the AP: The request from Coleman’s campaign said Minneapolis elections director Cynthia Reichert called its office at 7:45 p.m. Friday and reported | Read More »

    And now a message for the people of Minnesota.

    I have been reliably led to believe that some of you – perhaps over 30 per cent of you – are seriously considering electing Al Franken to the United States Freaking Senate. Now, we all thought it was very cute when you all elected Jessie “The Body” Ventura as your State’s governor — cute, because his idiocy/insanity didn’t have to affect the rest of us | Read More »

    MN-SEN: Most liberal paper in MN refuses to endorse Franken (D)

    According to Michael Brodkorb, tomorrow’s Star Tribune has an endorsement of incumbent Republican Norm Coleman. This is quite surprising. This would be like the NYT endorsing Rudy for GOV. The Strib is one of two papers that is more partisan and unreadable than the NYT (the St. Petersburg rag being the other). Maybe there is some appetite for not giving Ds absolute, unfilibustered power. Note | Read More »

    Significant Poll Movement Toward McCain in Swing States

    WaPo has a new set of polls in swing states that show good movement for McCain. Along with the slight tightening of the national numbers, it seems Obama’s post-nomination bump has receded to a small 2-4 point lead overall. Below are new WaPo numbers compared to the last WaPo polls. MI:McCain (44) (44)Obama (46) (48) CO:McCain 46 (44)Obama 44 (49) MN:McCain 44 (37)Obama 46 (54) | Read More »