We call these types of trolls ‘mobys’ at RedState.

    Andrew Breitbart (H/T RS McCain) has an article up about the unfortunately common habit of elements of the Online Left to, well, lie: Much of Mr. Obama’s vaunted online strategy involved utilizing “Internet trolls” to invade enemy lines under false names and trying to derail discussion. In the real world, that’s called “vandalism.” But in a political movement that embraces “graffiti” as avant-garde art , | Read More »

    Wow the Trolls and Mobys are out in force today

    See, when my candidate kicks serious butt, I don’t feel the need to head over to liberal sites, pretend to be liberal or make a general fool of myself. I guess the tightening in the polls, combined with the debate last night has left them feeling … inadequate? They must not be so confident that Obama won, despite their Paulian assault on the online polls | Read More »

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