Republicans Don’t Need to Expand the Tent… They Need to Stop Moving It Long Enough for People to Come In

    Is anyone else getting sick of the constant talk about the size of the Republican tent? Who gives a darn about the size of the tent if you have no idea where the tent is or what it looks like? Right now, I know Republicans who are pro-gun and anti-gun, for intervention in Iraq and against intervention in Iraq, pro-life and pro-choice, pro earmark and | Read More »

    You’re Both Wrong

    Much has been said about the last couple of elections, the most recent one being analyzed from every conceivable angle. Of these analyses, the ones I hear most often have to do with the pro-life platform. On one side are the Rockefeller Republicans, who believe that the platform is too rigid, and thereby excludes moderates from participating with the Party who would otherwise identify more | Read More »

    Let’s party in the center with Senator Anonymous!

    Unnamed Senator talks to Roger Simon of “I don’t think we have learned much from the election in terms of what people want to see,” he says. “We have the same gridlock.” By the “same gridlock,” he means that party hard-liners, both Democrats and Republicans, will remain in control of the machinery of Congress. And that means more of the same. It means more | Read More »

    Should There Even Be A Republican Party?

    In the wake of John McCain’s defeat two weeks ago yesterday, along with the thorough walloping given to the Republican congressional candidates, many are left wondering how best to rebuild the party. The conservative intelligentia have been quick to place blame for the loss. They place this blame at the feet of McCain, saying that he was too far to the center. Their claim is | Read More »

    Conservatives, it’s our turn

    Americans, why did McCain/Palin loose this election? A lack of conservative principals showcased from the beginning. The Republican leadership allowed a moderate (McCain) to be selected as our candidate. McCain ran a weak campaign only selecting Palin in the end to energize the conservative base, and she did. I submit if someone with more ‘fire in the belly’ for conservative principals like Sarah Palin had | Read More »

    Realizing the ideological coalition that is The Right

    To begin, some Ancient wisdom, from none other than Aesop himself: A GREAT conflict was about to come off between the Birds and the Beasts. When the two armies were collected together the Bat hesitated which to join. The Birds that passed his perch said: “Come with us”; but he said: “I am a Beast.” Later on, some Beasts who were passing underneath him looked | Read More »

    We will win by moving right, not left

    I could not disagree more with the proposition that they way the GOP will resurrect itself is in moving left. This will not work for several (I would think) very obvious reasons: “Moderate” Republicans got completely obliterated this year. I mean, annihilated. The last New England GOP rep, Rep. Shays, has been defeated. The northeastern GOP states tried the moderate GOP strategy and it has | Read More »

    The GOP cannot out-left the Left

    On The Day After, David Frum wrote an election post-mortem that told the GOP that we must move left. His words: College-educated Americans have come to believe that their money is safe with Democrats – but that their values are under threat from Republicans. And there are more and more of these college-educated Americans all the time.So the question for the GOP is: Will it | Read More »

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    Great article by Ed Rollins, former Reagan aide I admit it: I’m a moderate, not a winger for the right nor the left, so the usual entries that I read on RS and Kos are usually so over the top partisan that they make me take the opposite side of the issue. Weird; but that’s just the way my brain works I guess. This story, by a former Reagan political director, is | Read More »

    Its all about the Candidate Stupid!

    If the 2006 elections showed us anything its that we republicans had nothing but doom and gloom ahead in 08′. Surely Hillary, already the buzz at the time would come in and stomp a weak field of republican hopefulls. This election the election of 2008 was a give me for the Dems. Sometimes a 15 point congressinal ballot defecit was shown by polling for the | Read More »

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