Don’t Look Down On Me, Ms. Feminist. I’m Not Sorry For My Choices, Either.

    Don't Look Down On Me, Ms. Feminist. I'm Not Sorry For My Choices, Either.

    This morning I followed a link on Facebook that took me to this post. It’s written by a “feminist” and the point she wants to make is that being a wife and mother is not a valid choice, or even a difficult one. Let me first say, Ms. Glass, that I have been both sides of this feminine coin. I have owned my own business. | Read More »

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    Mommy Patriots

    There is a new site where conservative Christian mom’s can connect.  This is an outgrowth of Glenn Beck’s program where he brought in moms from across that country who had attended a Tea Party. This was posted today at the site: One week ago today we had 12 members. Today we have over 40,000. 40,000 in one week!!!  The foundational princibles of this group: | Read More »


    Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that delivers mixed emotions for me. While I cherish the idea of honoring our mothers and celebrate as each of you do who they are and what they have done for each of us, the day also brings a bit of sadness for me because I lost my mother nearly four years ago and there is not a | Read More »

    October Pie

    My favorite has always been apple, my Grandmother made a mean apple pie.I hear ACORN pie can be pretty good.Just get some community organizers.Mix in about 800K.Stir in some voter fraud.Let bake for awhile.I hear Michelle Obama likes pie, in fact she likes it so much she wants a piece of mineHey Michelle leave my pie alone!

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    Why I vote the way I do

    I vote Republican because the party generally is closer to my personal beliefs. As my sister once put it ~ I am a right wing conservative fundamental Christian and proud of it :o). Having said that I also believe that politicians, or leaders of any kind, should not be judged on their religious beliefs but rather they should be judged on there history of supporting | Read More »

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