Collateral Damage Those who have been following the saga of my rhetorical battle with brainless baristas might conclude that the conflict has escalated to outright war when they learn that I marched out of a Starbucks yesterday without completing my purchase. Some suggest a liberal soaking in addictive drugs, others post-hypnotic suggestion, but for whatever reason, to me no coffee tastes quite as good as Starbucks’ | Read More »

    One more reason to walk away from the Washington Post:

    Many of us savored last night’s NFL Hall of Fame induction. For thousands in Canton, and millions around the DC area and the world, time slowed down a bit last night as we watched Darrell Green and Art Monk enter the Hall of Fame. This morning, I went to to continue savoring the moment. It appears I’ll have to go elsewhere. The powers-that-be at | Read More »