IPCC’s Dr. Pachauri Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test

    Despite the fact that the lame-stream media hasn’t made a big deal out of Climategate, there are plenty of others registering their disgust with the whole thing. The guy whose name gave us the word “moonbat”, George Monbiot, has figuratively called for “heads to roll”. Yesterday, it was Clive Crook at The Atlantic in a blistering piece (do read it). One of those in the | Read More »

    Not A Pundit; An Idiot

    Joe Klein. He starts out by listing what some of his journalistic colleagues saw as a few of President Obama’s failures over the past few weeks. Then he has this to say: As a fully licensed pundit, I have the authority to weigh in here … but I demur. Oh, I could sling opinions about every one of the events cited above — some were | Read More »

    Newsweek Blogger “Outraged” At Conservative “Misogyny”, Ignores Bosses’ Misogyny

    Poor dear. Newsweek blogger Katie Connolly has her knickers in a twist over Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh calling Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) a prostitute, one that is easy but not cheap considering Reid bought her health “reform” vote last Saturday for $300 million; it has been colloquially called “The New Louisiana Purchase”. Connolly goes into a long-winded explanation of whom she claims really wanted | Read More »

    Capuano vs the Boogeyman

    After watching th Pats dispatch the Jets, I felt duty bound to sit through 60 Minutes and their segment on health care reform. Considering the demographics of their viewers, the team at 60 minutes went in a very controversial direction. Basically, the story argued that we wouldn’t need death panels(but, they’re coming) if Grandma and Grandpa did their patriotic duty by refusing care and dying | Read More »

    Sarah Palin Causing Leftist Beta-Males To Be Sniveling Cowards

    Man, I wish I could take full credit for this post. But I can’t. The credit and Hat Tip belongs to Ed Morrissey. The One’s puppets in his Organizing for America group put out a statement that was reported in The Hill: President Obama’s political operation took a shot at Sarah Palin today, accusing her of lying on her media blitz. “It’s dangerous,” Organizing for | Read More »

    Cowardly Holder Channels His Inner Cowardly Greenwald

    Back in February, Attorney General Eric Holder had the nerve to call Americans cowards when it came to race. Today, as reported by Bill Kristol, Holder said the following: In his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, Eric Holder will say, according to the Associated Press, that “I have every confidence the nation and the world will see him for the coward he is….I’m | Read More »

    Statists Still Don’t Get They’re The Problem; Sarah Palin Edition

    You heard that right, folks, statists don’t get that they’re the problem when it comes to sexism and racism. Oh they like to say they stand up against those things; but even when they appear to do so, it usually falls so short as to appear farcical. Case in point, Salon harridan Joan Walsh tries to take Newsweek to task for the sexist cover with | Read More »

    The Decision To Prosecute Gitmo Terrorists In Civilian Federal Courts Just Stinks – UPDATE

    There aren’t enough curse words I’ve thought up to describe the Obama administration’s decision to bring KSM and his “Merry Band” of cutthroat terrorists to U.S. soil to stand trial in civilian courts. It is just rotten to the core. Being the cynical jerk that I am, I am in total agreement with Andy McCarthy’s take on why The One and Holder are trying these | Read More »

    The “Planning” That Will Make Weeds From Our Health Care

    One of the arguments that is made by those who support the statists’ version of health care “reform” is that the government needs to have more and more control of it as a benefit to the general welfare of the American people. Those like President Obama and those who worship him will say they have plans ready to go, plans that have been in development | Read More »

    The Real Racism Not Reported By The Democratic State-Run Media

    I think Mark Levin, on his radio show last night, asked the right question: is Al Sharpton running the NFL? The last I checked, he didn’t. But Sharpton sure seemed like he did when he announced, loudly, that Rush Limbaugh shouldn’t be a part-owner in an NFL team. Using the racist fear-mongering and outright race-baiting lies that are the hallmark of leftists, Limbaugh was dropped | Read More »

    It’s The Revolution, Baby!!! – UPDATE

    UPDATE: Erick Erickson links to a piece by Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) in Human Events. As they say, read the whole thing. It’s just another example of how Obama is continuing the “revolution”, doing everything he can to destroy the previous administration. Original post: I realize that there are a lot more pressing items to discuss, but this has been floating around in my head | Read More »

    The Hypocrites’ Further Hypocrisy

    Just when you thought the left couldn’t sink any lower, they can surprise even me. I moved to NW Arkansas 6 months ago. For over 45 years, I lived in the Chicago suburbs. I knew Chicago Mayor Richard M. “Shortshanks” Daley* had been making a push to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago for quite awhile. Like so many of those that still live | Read More »


    Where Is The “Right Wing Violence”?

    The tea parties, town hall protests, and the huge September 12th gathering in Washington D.C. were remarkable not only because of the numbers of people involved, but because they were peaceful. Even leftist SEIU thuggery didn’t incite the violence that Obama-worshiping hacks keep complaining about. As a comparison, the usual suspects of anti-capitalist leftist nuts attempted to protest beyond where their permits allowed and a | Read More »


    Iraqi Shoe Thrower Claims Torture

    From the BBC: The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former US President George W Bush says he was tortured by senior government officials while in jail. Well, who did it? Shortly after his release from nine months in a Baghdad prison, Muntadar al-Zaidi demanded an apology – and said he would name the officials later. Ah, those people. The dreaded “people to be | Read More »

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    Michael Moore, Holiday Hypocrite

    Obese beta-male Michael Moore has a new film out called “Capitalism: A Love Story”. The end of the film, according to this piece by Reuters, states the following: “Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil,” the two-hour movie concludes. “You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people and that something is democracy.” As you can | Read More »