This is the Gaian People’s Republic of Boulder. Welcome.

    The city of Boulder, CO is superlative in many ways: It is one of the most educated, most affluent, most liberal and most environmentally conscious cities around. According to an article in a recent Wall Street Journal, though, Boulder is having a tough time converting its citizens’ tree-hugging attitudes into meaningful actions. Thus exposed is a fundamental aspect of human nature. Whatever we may say | Read More »

    This is The Gaian Workers’ Paradise of Cambridge. Welcome.

    The City Council of Cambridge, MA established the Cambridge Climate Congress in 2009 and charged them with recommending actions to combat the “climate emergency” which currently threatens Life As We Know It in America’s most intellectual city. The committee was seated in December, and considering the gravity of the emergency, has acted with alacrity in preparing a vision of the City’s New Green Future. The | Read More »

    Shades of 1984: Socialist International Expunges Carol Browner’s Links to Group

    Promoted from Diaries.  Freaking Commies: also, Gateway Pundit has the screenshot. – Moe Lane Former Clinton-era EPA Administrator Carol Browner has been tapped by our President-elect as “energy czar”, a position that is not subject to Senate confirmation. As reported by the Washington Times, as recently as last week Browner was listed as one of 14 leaders of the “Commission for a Sustainable World Society” | Read More »

    Mother Gaia Protests Oil Development

    And she does so by sending a pod of killer whales orcas (rarely seen in the Gulf of Mexico) to protest the presence of BP’s Horn Mountain oil platform, visible in the background of this video: The sensitive beasts clearly find the presence of the platform threatening.