7 Million Fewer White Voters Than 2008?

    That’s what Sean Trende from Real Clear Politics has concluded. As we speak, Mitt Romney has 58,237,566 total votes. In 2008, the Republican ticket garnered 59,934,814 votes, or nearly 1.7 million more than Romney-Ryan. Yes, there are still some votes to be counted, but very few at the time of this posting. See for yourself here. All but a handful of states have reported 100% | Read More »

    Akin and Mourdock did not hurt Romney

    The notion that Akin and Mourdock’s comments cost Romney the election is utter nonsense. The following is all the evidence needed to destroy that argument. The comments had absolutely ZERO effect on the presidential race in Indiana or Missouri. We’re supposed to believe that they influenced voters in Florida and Ohio to vote for Obama? Please…………. Missouri Romney: 53.9% Obama: 44.3% RCP Missouri presidential race | Read More »

    Towards better arguments regarding rape and abortion

    Watching the recent controversies on this blog and elsewhere over the attempts of Senate candidates Mourdock and Akin to explain why they oppose abortion even in cases of rape, it has become apparent that the difficulty in explaining that position extends well beyond those two gentlemen. I suggest that this is a byproduct of the long-standing focus of pro-lifers on establishing that life begins at | Read More »

    13 Days to Election Day: Indiana

    There is a whole slate of races on the Indiana ballot this year. As regards the presidential election, Indiana barely gave the state to Obama in 2008- by less than 29,000 votes. In politics, that is not a difficult number to flip to the other side. And that is what will happen in Indiana this year. In 2004, Kerry won only four counties- LaPorte, Lake, | Read More »

    Lugar Endorser “Lunch Pail Republicans” Receives 100% of Funding from Left-leaning Union PAC

    The Dick Lugar campaign recently trumpeted its endorsement from the Lunch Pail Republicans, expressing “gratitude”  to the new organization for it support.  The Lunch Pail Republicans committee claims to be comprised of “Indiana Republicans” striving to return Indiana to “traditional core Republican values that used to define who we are.”   Extensive research suggests both claims are a distortion of the truth! According to the organization’s | Read More »