Retreading Teddy: Obama in Osawatomie

    Whacked from so many gigs in States he can’t remember the names of, Barack Obama’s running low on original material. Then again, Teddy Roosevelt is a tough act to follow. Nowadays, Obama infers Lincolnesque-style passion into his empty, collective agenda. Or, the other day in Osawatomie, Kansas, Obama retreaded the modus operandi and static from Roosevelt’s New Nationalism speech; one given 101 years ago in | Read More »

    Why Stop Now? Keep the Tea Parties Alive!

    With the massive success of the Tea Parties (and the predictable backlash from the liberal media), why stop now? At present, the “Tax Day Tea Party Numbers” thread (combined with my totals in the 247-250th comments this AM) has 222 sites with more than 410,000 participants.  On a Wednesday.  On a day when many people have to work. Could this be even bigger, even harder | Read More »

    What happened, ladies?

    **All this talk about glass ceilings, respect, and equal pay. This big movement. How did the women of America let it fizzle out? N.O.W.’s belief in women’s rights turned out to be a belief in pro-choice women’s rights. This pretty much cuts your movement in half. That half was cut in half when the remaining women decided that the struggle for equality should be a | Read More »