Go See Godzilla

    I guess I am just going to start reviewing all the movies I go see. So this week, let’s dig into Godzilla. I liked it, which must mean Sonny Bunch will hate it. [UPDATED: I WAS WRONG!!!! Sonny Bunch likes it. He really likes it. So now you must go see it. It has to be better than the rock monsters in Noah because we | Read More »

    Star Trek Into Darkness

    Yes, a movie review from your Editor.I went to Star Trek: Into Darkness tonight. I liked it in the way you might like a good piece of escapism, but it left me a bit empty. The JJ Abrams concept was supposed to be a reboot of the Star Trek franchise — a way to restart with the characters we love, but with a clean slate | Read More »

    Movie Review: Act of Valor

    Once upon a time, Hollywood loved to splash all that made America great across the silver screen. It made our heroes larger than life, made the whole world look upon us with awe, envy and desire. We were the strong and the brave, striving to do the right thing, fighting the good fight. In times of trouble, Hollywood cheered us and rallied us, kept the | Read More »

    Movie Review: Where the Wild Things Have Relationship Problems

    This review will not take long. Darling wife and I took our three young children and a neighbor kid from across the street to a movie followed by Five Guys for burgers. We saw Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze’s tragically flawed adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic. Perhaps you like watching depressing movies about relationship problems between people who refuse, idiotic, to change. | Read More »

    This Chick Does Flicks: Terminator Salvation

    Directed by Joseph “McG” McGinty Nichol and starring gritty, post apocalyptic warriors, Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, Terminator Salvation, is a fine way to start off Summer 2009’s rollercoaster of action films. Now right from the start I thought that The Terminator was scary and amazing. Then along came the even more satisfying and hair raising Terminator 2: Judgment Day followed by the somewhat forgettable | Read More »