Brothers At War

    In Iraq a U.S. soldier told Jake Rademacher, “I’d give my life for America any day. Wouldn’t think twice.” Jake himself has two brothers serving in Iraq and he wanted to know why? Why are they doing it? So he packed his camera and embeded himself with his brother’s unit in Iraq to answer that burning question. What makes our soldiers put their lives on | Read More »

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    Unheroic Superheroes, Watch out for the Watchmen

    Who Watches The Watchers? -A Comic Book As Political Commentary and a new blockbuster movie soon to hit theaters If you thought the last Batman movie, The Dark Knight, was dark and cynical, wait until you see Watchmen, arriving in theaters on March 6, 2009. Brooding Bruce Wayne will have nothing on a “hero” that rapes his sidekick, another one that has no interest in | Read More »


    GOP Mike’s Movie Review – Gran Torino, starring Clint Eastwood

    To my Conservative Friends: I have been receiving emails and phone calls over the past week from my Conservative and liberal friends alike saying to me – “Mike – You gotta see Gran Torino!!” So, in the middle of the snow storm on Saturday night, I trekked out to see the film I had heard so much about… The film is about a man named | Read More »

    Yes, it really *IS* a wonderful life

    My wife emailed me this: Here’s the  summary: “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a terrifying, asphyxiating story about growing up and relinquishing your dreams. Was this what adulthood promised?” I doubt that there’s a human being on the planet who hasn’t seen this movie, with the possible exception of a few tribal groups deep in the Amazon.  The author of this review puts a completely | Read More »

    Environmentalism now has a book of Revalation

    Here’s my review for “The Day the Earth Stood Still”: THE CHURCH OF ENVIRONMENTALISM HAS A “REVELATION”   Like any good religion, Environmentalism has come up with their own prophetic vision of the end of the world: their own “Book of Revelation” if you will. The name of this story: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” Spoiler alert: this movie sucks, so I’m just going | Read More »


    CASTING CALL: Hollywood Stars need only apply: You seem to want “CHANGE”. Well you will get it. Since you back and strongly support “CHANGE” here are a few facts to ponder. You too, will be taxed into next week and your income is “MUCH GREATER” than $250,000. Maybe you should have requested to see the plan showing you how much you will be shelling out! | Read More »

    Just Saw An American Carol

    I know many of you may have seen or are going to see An American Carol, but for those who may not, you’re missing a fantastic movie that’s funny, touching, and well paced with surprises and tempo changes that take this movie to so many other places than I had expected it to ever go. You may think you know what this movie is all | Read More »

    Intellectually Excavating Indiana Jones Unearths Epistemological Artifacts

    As a discipline, archaeology examines the artistic and technological remains of various cultures in the attempt to learn more about them. Often from these objects, students learn about more than the subject’s material nature but also insight into the beliefs and paradigms important to the human species at a particular time.

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