Random Thoughts About The Mississippi Senate Race

    A lot is swirling through all of our heads now and I am going to post some of mine. — “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”-Ben Franklin So where were Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee in this race? Oh yeah, they don’t endorse against incumbents. Even though incumbents are the troublemakers in Washington. Look, I | Read More »

    Oklahoma Senate Primary and Mississippi Run-off

    Tomorrow is the Oklahoma GOP primary and it’s running hot right now with T.W. Shannon and James Lankford. More than likely there’ll be a run-off which would be in August based on tight polling of late. I have high hopes Shannon will at least force E GOPer Lankford into a run-off and then from there defeat him in the run-off two months from now. He’ll | Read More »

    Scientism, Despotism, Blackmail and The New Carbon Dioxide Regulations

    Well, well, well. The Obama Administration is preparing to declare war. No, no you Nervous Nellies, not on Syria. That will be a collective police action where we help Al Qaida by leading from behind. This will be an all-out frontal assault. A veritable Pickett’s Charge of the Paper-cut Rangers. President Barack Obama is out to slay Man-made Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change once and for all. According to the always entertaining Henry Waxman, it involves his legacy.

    “This is an important issue to the president. It’s a question of his legacy,” said Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Beverly Hills), ranking member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “Five years from now, people will be talking about what the Obama administration did on climate change, not entitlements or the deficit or whatever they are talking about now. Because climate change is here and real, and we have to address it.”

    Of course there will be travails before we carve this great and lion-hearted President’s smirking benevolent visage into the hard, enduring granite of Mount Rushmore. But if Congress won’t act to protect future generations, Barack Obama will. He currently proposes to issue a new regulation in July that would limit source emissions from Power Generation Facilities to 1,000 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.

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    Elections Have Consequences pt. 3

    Before I start part 3,  I want to thank everybody, especially the administrator for recommending my part 1 and part 2 posts.  We are in the beginning of a very crucial election season and in these day and age all elections matter, because elections have consequences,  and we all learned that the hard way. For part 3 were now in the important part of the 2012 election, the Senate.  | Read More »

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    Elections Have Consequences pt. 1

    President Obama could not have said truer words.  2010 was a great victory for Conservatives, not republicans (they only won the numbers game, remember that) and we could not have been much happier with the results thanks largely due to the fact we wont have heart burns everytime say Mike Castle or Charlie Crist vote with the democrats, and we can do the same in | Read More »

    The Precinct Committeeman ProjectMA | MI | MN | MS | MO | MT | NE | NV | NH | NJ

    Read on the Committeeman Project here. Visit the Precinct Project here. The following is a listing of all the counties – boroughs [AK] and Parrishes [LA] – in the United States (MA ? NJ) with the number of electoral precincts as on record last year and their populations as estimated in 2009 by the Census Bureau, arranged by state. The beginning of any project is | Read More »

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    McCain and Palin

    While some Democrats and Moore talk about the hurricane being Gods gift to Democrats, Sarah Palin boards a plane to Jackson, MS to assess preparedness and to lend support to the residents that will likely be affected by the hurricane. John McCain will be joining her as soon as possible to lend more help and support. The GOP convention that many have been looking forward | Read More »

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