Real American sports stars and their graciousness to the Country!

    From Msunderestimated we get one of the best stories of the Olympics. Thank you ladies from another lady who loves her Country We also enjoyed a story the other day about Kobe Bryant taking Chris Collingsworth to the woodshed on American pride. Because its always in vogue to love America What the media wing of the Democrat party does not understand is that love for | Read More »

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    A Bigg Mess

    I already knew the MSM was in the tank for Obama, but I didn’t know they were relying on the Obama campaign to generate ideas for their “journalism“:

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    Obama is not underperforming

    So the MSM is so focused on Obama and so surprised that the race is close, there have been a good number of articles pondering: Why is Obama underperforming? I don’t think he is. He is still relatively popular (53/34). He is still ahead in national polls. The most recent head-to-head polls with Obama and non-McCain Republicans, show Obama crushing the Rs: Obama-Romney 49-41; Obama-Huckabee | Read More »

    I love a good catfight!

    Howard Wolfson tells ABC news that Hillary would be the nominee if not for the MSM burying the Edwards story. “I believe we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee,” former Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson told ABC I love it!

    Jen Rubin on the MSM’s Latest Failure

    Jen Rubin’s take on John Edwards and the MSM is well worth reading: The Edwards mess is the most recent and visible, but hardly unique, example of the mainstream media’s hear no evil/see no evil approach to newsgathering. How many other stories has the MSM missed, denied or avoided? From Rathergate to Reverend Wright to the success of the surge, the pattern is the same: | Read More »

    The Edwards Story- Why It Matters

    “For a while you try to kid yourself that you’re going with an unmarried man. Then one day he begins to look at his watch…and it all begins to look- so ugly” – The Apartment, 1960 The moral issue of adultery is as old as the Scriptures, and the prudent man defers to them when it comes to judging someone else. Which means that we | Read More »

    If it’s Tuesday, it must be Barack in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Europe, wherever

    Now, my dear MSM mavens, c’mon! Do you really think Obama’s whirlwind tour can give him any more than the most superficial knowledge of each area, or us any inkling of how he will deal with the complex issues in each one? As a travelogue, it is pretty impressive: Obama arrived in Jordan after a tour of war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. He stepped | Read More »

    Arrogant Freshman Senator

    After watching Obama’s live news conference I can only say this man is not ready to be a dog catcher. He came across arrogant, ill advised, lost and misplaced.The MSM media has “totally” destroyed America’s election process. The MSM media has already has crowned Obama President and today Obama was trying to show them how Presidential he really is. Today, Obama was out of his | Read More »

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    Obama, Islam and Polling

    Gallup did another poll on the silly issue of “Is Obama Muslim?” They find that 12% of Rs and 12% of Ds think Obama is Muslim. So it’s not just a partisan thing. Interesting, they don’t break it down by education or income which I presume make a difference. First, 12% is a ludicrously low number for getting a basic fact wrong among Americans, so | Read More »

    I’m Sorry, But Isn’t It Crazy…..

    …the real bias of the MSM has been exposed of late? …there is this road show like frenzy of the latest U2 tour, all the anchors in tow…as BHO heads off on his quest to rule the world. …meanwhile, when ex-anchor, and right hating Dan Rather sat in on MSNBC’s liberal love fest called “morning cup of joe”, he clearly caled BHO – “Osama Bin | Read More »

    How the MSM Anti-Saxby Chambliss Narrative Will Start

    The anti-Chambliss meme will start slow. First the media will remind voters of the anti-Cleland ad Chambliss ran. You know the one. Everyone on the left claims it compared Cleland to Bin Laden, even though it didn’t. But the media will echo that sentiment. They’ll remind voters about how close the race was in all the polls. They go on the attack over Chambliss’s attacks. | Read More »

    Are you ready for this…The Circus begins

    Are you ready for this…The Circus begins

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