“Notable Quotables” Teaser

    This is what I’ve been working on the last two days… Equipped with the state-of-the-art Media Research Center TV studio and the excellent production work of MRC Video Producer Bob Parks, we at NewsBusters have been hard at work developing a new biweekly program that mocks the liberal media’s most outrageous and humorous soundbites. We debut the new “Notable Quotables” video program on Monday, October | Read More »

    Keith Olbermann, Heal Thyself

    Of hypocrisy and straight up Cuckoo Pants-ism.  I’ll give you one thing; at least you were honest when you named your display tonight a “Special” Special Comment. Dear Keith Olbermann: You Want to Talk About Death? Three words:  Roe V. Wade. Yeah, I thought so.  THAT life and death doesn’t count, right, Keith? Therefore:  Shaddup, SIR.  Thanks! Oh, and have your Lefty Talking Points Parrots | Read More »

    Brian on MSNBC Talking ACORN

    I don’t know why the MSNBC folks keep having Brian on. Every time he gets on there he makes them look foolish. Yet again, he delivers a knock out performance. And special thanks to him for doing it. I’ve got my family visiting and had to bail and pass off to him. I’m glad I did. I would not have been as good. Since you | Read More »

    What the Votes in the U.S. House and Senate to Defund ACORN Prove

    It proves that the MSM has become irrelevant to floor votes in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, even when both Houses of Congress are controlled by the Democrats. The MSM buried the ACORN story and refused to give it the attention it deserved. And in the end, SO WHAT? Increasingly, the MSM are active partners in their own irrelevance.

    And this is why we need to actually, you know, REFORM Medicare….

    Obama wants to “fix” our ENTIRE system.  Yet, he won’t touch Medicare, unless its to gut it of money to pay for HIS plan. He wants to hand over hour health system to the same idiots that do piecemeal planning like this in order to “save money”.  They want to overhaul the private system but won’t fix what THEY broke…. h/t MSNBC Although the government | Read More »

    Joe Scarborough calls Glenn Beck a “tool”

    Glenn Beck’s 912 special aired today on Fox News. I missed it because I’m not a particular fan of GlennBeck, plus it’s Saturday and I’m watching college football. However, I have my twitter open and a message from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough caught my eye: “Beck just quoted the Bible about ‘fighting against darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places.'” (link) “God help us all from | Read More »

    Brian Faughnan of RedState takes MSNBC to Liz Cheney school

    In case you missed it, Erick Erickson is not the only RedState TV rock star. Actually we have numerous RedState editors (and regulars) who regularly appear on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet radio, you name it. Some are permanent employees or staff columnists. Our own Brian Faughnan appears regularly on MSNBC as the conservative counterbalance to the default leftist spin. See from last Thursday and | Read More »

    MSNBC’s Pathetically Lame Response; Heads Should Roll

    As was expected, the brown-nosing, Obama-shilling, leg-thrilling, Democratic mainstream media didn’t say boo about MSNBC’s outrageous “Morning Meeting” segment that I wrote about yesterday, where MSNBC seems to want to start a race war in the so-called post-racial America run by Barack Obama. MSNBC themselves issued a response that further shows the network to be prostitutes of the Obama propaganda machine (as reported by the | Read More »

    FrankJ has some not-useful advice for MSNBC.

    In responding to this post FrankJ noted that the underlying problem for MSNBC is that nobody particularly wants to watch them anyway, so he offered a suggestion to boost their viewership: Maybe if they set Keith Olbermann on fire and threw him off a building, people would tune in to see that. I’d consider it. So, that’s something for them to think about. I am | Read More »

    I think MSNBC is trying to get the President shot at.

    (H/T Ace of Spades, NewsBusters, & Hot Air) I’m aware that’s kind of an inflammatory statement, but hear me out. OK, remember last weekend, when there were a bunch of reports of armed people at the Arizona town hall? Lots of stories of bemused reporters trying to get their heads around the notion that in Arizona you can wander around with an AR-15 – Which | Read More »

    MSNBC, Running In Fear, Resorts To Paralipsis To Brand Conservatives Racist

    par.a.lip.sis / Rhetoric. the suggestion, by deliberately concise treatment of a topic, that much of significance is being omitted, as in “not to mention other faults. Meet Carlos Watson, MSNBC contributor and host of The C Note in his commentary forwarded the position that anyone who calls Obama a Socialist is really calling him a Ni***. Aside from the complete ignorance of Mr. Watson and | Read More »

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    The Crimes of Congressman Dick Cheney (D-NY-15)

    After I finished watching the ‘good’ part of the O’Reilly factor I became bored and went channel hunting. Making my way down the dial, hoping to find a spongebob marathon I skimmed across a MSNBC teaser. “It’s a Dick”-Caption. Announcer: “You know who is back and you won’t believe how he wanted to use US troops to go into US territory to arrest US citizens. How | Read More »

    MSNBC Host Helps Obama Do Prep for Tonight

    So I’m a conservative activist, not a journalist. The left would have you think otherwise after an enterprising journalist discovered I’d sent Mark Sanford’s communications director saying I was happy to help deal with the “missing governor” story — even suggesting Sanford post at RedState himself. This, of course, was before anyone knew “hiking the Appalachian Trail” was code for “hitting Argentine tail.” Nonetheless, the | Read More »

    Why Sarah Palin Isn’t Dead Politically

    Since my appearance on MSNBC regarding Sarah Palin has generated so much conversation, I felt it might be a good idea to expand upon the points I made while debating the commentators.  I realize my comments fly in the face of conventional wisdom and are contrary to the analysis given by most Republican consultants.  That understood, I think there are three good reasons that the | Read More »

    Brian Faughnan on MSNBC.

    The subject: This administration’s lack of transparency! The spokesperson for the Left: Jane Hamsher, of FireDogLake! The battle: …called on account of mutual agreement, more or less.