The Newest Attack From The dims and MSNBC Soon To Be Everywhere

    If you watch the media and the dims closely enough you learn that the first sounding board is Chris Matthews.  He always makes the first accusation or political swipe and then the others pile on board. His biggest thing now is “It does not matter if the AG can win the case what matters is that the Bush people are indicted and then put on | Read More »

    Dems Have Permanent Majority … at Least Until the Next Election

    Since November, I’ve become accustomed to predictions that the Republican Party is on its way to irrelevance.  Nonetheless, I was disappointed to hear that sentiment voiced by University of Virginia professor and pundit Larry Sabato, who generally tries to provide a relatively objective analysis.  On MSNBC’s Hardball today, Sabato opined that “we’re on our way from being a two-party system to being a party-and-a-half system. | Read More »

    NBC Suits Warn CNBC Staff Against ‘Obama Bashing,’ Becoming ‘Too Conservative’

    General Electric CEO Jeffery Immelt, thought to be one of Keith Olbermann’s biggest supporters, and NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker are reported to have called some of CNBC’s on-air talent to a secret meeting at least if the The New York Post’s Page Six column for April 16 has it right. The meeting was called to scold the cable yackers for being too harsh on | Read More »

    Email and Twitter Addresses of Left-Wing Media Saying Tea Partiers Are Fake-FreedomWorks

    Via FreedomWorks (the alleged masterminds of the Tea Party Movement) Left-wing media has spent the past few days trying to discredit the Tea Party movement before today’s nation-wide anti-big government protests.  Knowing the significance of such an outpouring of opposition to big government, they want America to believe it is centrally controlled and contrived, and therefore not as important as it is. We know it | Read More »

    New Revelations In Case of Olbermann v. Twitter

    On Thursday, Twitter was atwitter and blogs were abuzz about Keith Olbermann’s embarrassing “Worst Person” fail, following a post by Greg Pollowitz at National Review Online highlighting the hilarity. Olbermann named Twitter his “Worst Person in the World” because he mistakenly believed he wasn’t on Twitter. He was. So I thought I’d do something that Olbermann’s entire staff consistently fails to do: research. The first | Read More »

    I’ve Made David Shuster Cry

    First, you’ll have to remember David Shuster does not like me very much. Back during campaign season, David Shuster tried to ambush Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). He tried to launch a left wing smear against her and got his own data wrong. After you guys all called MSNBC, he was forced to do an on-air apology to Rep. Blackburn. So he doesn’t like RedState or me. | Read More »

    Open Letter to Keith Olberman

    Last night I had the displeasure of forcing myself through 45 painful minutes of Countdown with Keith Olberman.  This was mainly because O’Reilly had the husband of the woman who was attacked by that crazed chimpanzee in Connecticut.  Now, it is not that I am unsympathetic towards people attacked by chimps in America, but with everything else going on in the world… o.k., so I | Read More »

    Keith Olbermann – Worst Person on the Left

    Left wing MSNBC host Keith Olbermann used his hour long diatribe against the right, known as Countdown With Keith Olbermann, to attack Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma yesterday.  Olbermann used his segment “World’s Worst” to attack Inhofe for implying that Carol Browner, Obama’s next Energy and Climate advisor, was a member of a group, the Center for American Progress (CAP), that supports the Fairness Doctrine.  | Read More »

    The Schadenfreude Watch; When Liberals Attack MSNBC

    Yes, you read that subtitle correctly; Jon Stewart versus MSNBC. I have to give credit where credit is due. It appears that Jon Stewart has decided to salvage some of his comedic integrity. He won’t be a total network whore for the Obama administration. MSNBC, on the other hand, remains a total hack network with no journalistic integrity. This becomes quite obvious when Stewart, a | Read More »

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    MSNBC duped by Palin Africa story

    So, some creative bloggers with a sense of humor made MSNBC look like fools (not really that hard to do!):MSNBC duped by Palin Africa story This really got me thinking. During the campaign, there was a daily drumbeat of negative stories re: Sarah Palin (Campbell Brown on CNN was a one-woman anti-Palin machine, cranking out often multiple stories per day trying to trash Palin’s reputation). | Read More »

    A Rebuttal To “Hanoi Jane Republicans”

    I have to respectfully disagree with Erick here: *We have Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews now all in for Obama and admitting it. Therefore, we can conclude that any Republican who appears on MSNBC will be there solely to serve as a foil for the Obama fan club. We should resolve to designate elected Republicans wiling to play the fool “Hanoi Jane Republicans.” | Read More »

    Ban MSNBC

    Yeah I know it won’t happen but why the hell not. I did this as a counter group to a bunch of idiots who id the same for Fox News… so why not turnabout? Here’s the link: I WANT TO BAN MSNBC

    Hanoi Jane Republicans

    As Caleb and others have noted, Chris Matthews has declared it his job to make sure the Obama administration looks good, regardless of the facts. “This country needs a successful presidency,” Matthews said in addition to, ” I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work . . . . Yeah, it is my job.” We have Rachel | Read More »


    Is the voting process for our Military still full of flaws and glitches – do they still have to request an absentee ballot, which conveniently gets lost on its way back to the states. The statistics from the last Federal Election state that only about 30% of the absentee ballots get counted. These are the men and women who deserve to have their voice heard | Read More »

    MSNBC Has Hit a New All-Time Low

    I can’t believe that a national cable network is playing this taped conversation right now — the Palin prank call from Sarkozy.

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