I don’t see why Mayor Kevin Johnson is upset.

    It’s not like he got actually mugged, or anything. Just robbed while taking mass transit. I mean, sure, the incident suggests that San Francisco is a crime-ridden disaster, but what Democratic-controlled urban area isn’t, these days? Shoot, the current unemployment rate of Mayor Johnson’s Sacramento itself was 12.3% in August. That’s almost double what it was a year ago; when did you get elected, again? | Read More »

    Free-Fire Zone: Atlanta

    Six attacks in two months.  Cars stolen, people shot and neighborhoods living in constant fear of attack. Baghdad?  Sri Lanka?  Zimbabwe? Not hardly. At and near the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, students and local residents have been dealing with muggings and robberies for months.  Despite an increased police presence in the area, the Georgia Tech campus has become a haven for criminal activity.  In | Read More »