Bullets and the Victoria Terminus

    Well, it looks like nobody’s talking, at least anyone who has any authority to talk about whether the 60+ police stationed in Mumbai at the Victoria Terminus had any ammunition to put in their WWI-vintage rifles and shoot back at two people who murdered at least ten innocents in cold blood and wounded scores more. I didn’t expect there would be much of a revelation, | Read More »

    Veering Sharply from RedHot

    Skanderbeg and I have been having a brief discussion in RedHot and because the question he asked was so interesting, I thought I’d make it into a diary for further commentary. Here are the links: “Veering Sharply”“Re: Veering Sharply”“Re: Re: Veering” Some additional information has come in. Over the past few days there have been conflicting reports about the police presence at Victoria Terminus. The | Read More »