Afpak strategy: build and defend Afghan supply lines

    OK as every general will tell you, poorly defended supply lines are a problem in any war. House subcommittee on National Security and Foreign affairs chairman, Rep. John F. Tierney, D-Mass – YouTube- U.S. funds our enemy Taliban’s Afghan war U.S. Tax Dollars Fueling Afghan Insurgency House Investigation: Private Contractors Paying Warlords, Criminals to Get Supplies to U.S. and NATO Bases Lara Logan reports for | Read More »

    Recipe for Indian and American peace: Flight 93, 2nd Amendment and Bush 43

    In the aftermath India’s “911”, the world’s largest democracy could learn a few things from the world’s oldest. Originally published by Mike gamecock DeVine as Legal Editor for The Minority Report A combination of roundups of visa overstays from Muslim countries in the weeks immediately following 911; elimination of nation-state sponsored safe havens; foreign and domestic surveillance; and war against Taliban, Wahhabist, Baathist, Iranian Shia, | Read More »

    The Mumbai Terror Attacks: A Deadly Reminder

    While millions of people here in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving with their families and friends, there was a major terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. This went on from Wednesday through Saturday because after the initial attack the terrorists took hostages, some of whom were then rescued by Indian special forces commandos. After it was all over, 172 people were killed (including six Americans) and | Read More »

    Calling All Muslims

    NY Times Op-Ed writer Thomas Friedman took some time off from his global warming alarmism and decided to write about something important — the lack of outrage in the Muslim community over the Mumbai attacks. Friedman quite accurately points out that when it comes to dutch cartoons offending Islam, Muslims the world over take to the streets. They can loot, protest, burn cars, trample people, | Read More »

    Mumbai and Terrorism

    As the attacks in Mumbai, India have reminded the world, Jihad, and radical Islamic terror is still alive and well. Despite the election of a transcendent, all-encompassing, new world savior in America, the Jihadists are marching onward in their mission to destroy the infidel, regardless of his nationality or politics. The megaphone Left, both domestically and internationally have spent 7 years calling George W. Bush | Read More »

    U.S. allies poison us, politely

    I’ve laid low during the election, holding in the anger and warnings knowing that neither McCain nor Obama would make much of it — and worse — that the public cared little to hear it. The Mumbai Massacre, however, has awoken my need to fight back in the small way I can. So please, read the following and understand that the biggest threat comes from | Read More »

    Guns Without Bullets (cont.)

    Continuing this notion (picked up first-hand by your humble correspondent in Cairo a few years back): At the Sivaji rail platform on the November 28 [sic], eyewitnesses told the Belfast Telegraph that armed Indian police refused to shoot back when the terrorists opened fire. Even when the terrorists stopped to reload their guns, someone screamed at the police: “Shoot them, they’re sitting ducks!” But the | Read More »


    India – Guns Yes, Bullets No

    Continuing the discussion about whether or not the reportedly-cowering “armed” guards at the Mumbai train station had guns but no bullets…. Our good friend Tim Blair has a story up about India’s gun control laws, which include a shocking provision that could tell us more about the aforementioned situation: Ridhima Mehra recounts the ordeal she went through trying to get a licence for her late | Read More »


    Re: Re: Veering

    Skanderbeg, I’ve been reading a lot of explanations for why the train station police might have held their fire. The “armchair debriefings” I’ve read have discussed various theories ranging from the plausible to the pathetic, but all of them have assumed the police were in fact carrying loaded weapons — until this one. The explanations I’ve read are sometimes more, sometimes less charitable concerning the | Read More »

    Re: Veering Sharply

    Alex, This may sound like a REALLY stupid question…. but…. Can anyone confirm if they actually possessed any bullets? Several years back, I was in Cairo (Egypt – not Illinois) on business, and there were armed guards EVERYWHERE. There were even armed guards at the doorway to the office building where the people I was working with were located. We were leaving the building one | Read More »


    Think Mumbai

    Since 9/11 it has been assumed by many that Al Qaida would be forced to top themselves in any future attacks on the US. Mumbai show us the real possibilities. A young crew with minimal training but well rehearsed and ready to die could if well armed wreak havoc on a population. As the Miserly Bastard puts it: …a dozen trained shooters, equipped with little | Read More »

    Is a terrorist attack on America imminent?

    As I type, the death toll in the Mumbai attacks stands at 195 souls. The Mumbai terrorists have raised the stakes with these attacks, using well trained and coordinated attack teams to carry out their bloody mission. As Bill Roggio writes: The Mumbai attack is unique from past terror strikes carried out by Islamic terrorists. Instead of one or more bombings at distinct sites, the | Read More »


    What does it mean and what are its consequences for the United States and the world? My answer is here and the crux of my point can be found in the following excerpt: The implications for the United States and for counterterrorism from the attacks in Mumbai can be summed up thusly: We continue to live in a dangerous world, the threat of terrorism is | Read More »

    Thanksgiving Warning from Mumbai

    In what will be remembered as India’s 9/11, terrorists on November 26 attacked ten separate targets in the commercial capital of Mumbai – formerly known as Bombay. The nature of the attacks should give Americans pause, as should the timing. This is the peak of the Mumbai tourist season during which Westerners gravitate to the thriving financial hub of newly-capitalist India. But it also has | Read More »


    Reports that al Qaeda is planning to target sites like Penn Station and that there is increased chatter in intelligence circles concerning a terrorist event are certainly enough to cause reasonable people to be worried–especially in light of the gruesome attack in Mumbai. Who knows whether the attack in Mumbai is the culmination of the chatter, or whether it is only the beginning of yet | Read More »