So should Obama’s speech be written: Say what has been done

    Will Obama passover the plague of terrorism in Egypt? Apologies for the tortured paraphrase of Rameses II oft repeated defiant commands in between plagues The God of Moses visited upon Egypt until Pharaoh let his people go in The Ten Commandments. But wouldn’t it be appropriate to recount the benevolence of America toward Egypt and much of the Muslim world in combating the plague of | Read More »

    Why Did Obama Snub Israel?

    Why didn’t Obama meet PM-elect B.B. Netanyahu during his trip to the Middle East? And why is he so obsessed with meeting the approval of the Muslims yet apparently he’s not so concerned about our relationship with our most sacred ally in the world aside from Great Britain. I see a pattern here and I gotta tell ya I’m not so sure the Israelis see | Read More »