Barack Hussein al TOTUS

    Let the Muslim names fly and the Islamic innuendo increase!  It is now politically correct to refer to the POTUS as Barack Hussein Obama, he of the Muslim roots. Not only has Al TOTUS’ pet journalist Jake Tapper torn off the veil ( — and is it true Jake keeps jammies in the Lincoln bedroom? — but the Teleprompter-In-Chief himself has now told the | Read More »

    Let us see how committed Obama is to his Muslim ‘Roots’…

    We should all start refering to the President as ‘Hussein’, or ‘B. Hussein’…. If they aren’t committed to his ‘Muslim roots’ the libs will start screaming about it… if they are committed then well.. they should be.

    Breaking News….Barack Obama NOW Has Muslim Roots

    Throughout the tedious campaign cycle leading up to the 2008 election the fact that Barack Obama had Muslim roots was a subject that was considered off the table when discussing the candidate who would be President of The United States of America. If the subject was broached that person was accused of being racist or of out right calling Obama a terrorist or worse. His | Read More »

    Obama Has ‘Expiration Date’ For His Religion, Too?

    After spending three years running away from his past, Barack Hussein Obama is now nominally a Muslim again. At least that is the message that ABC’s Jake Tapper has discovered in the new, new way in which the Obama administration is presenting the president’s connections to Islam and his religious upbringing and heritage. Suddenly it’s A’OK to say that Obama has “experienced Islam” and remark | Read More »

    Obama rebrands America as Muslim

    Rebranding America as “one of the largest Muslim countries” is not at all what I had in mind when I called for then candidate Obama to confront his Muslim issue head on. In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, President Obama said the United States could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”: And one of the points | Read More »

    LATimes: Obama’s New Muslim Appointment is Hope… for Egyptians?

    I will begin this right at the top by saying that I don’t care a whit if the appointment of any American official brings hope to Egyptians. After all, an American official should be concerned with America’s interests not Egypt’s. Not that I am saying that American officials or appointments should necessarily have as a chief criteria for appointment an interest in the denigration of | Read More »

    Simply Outrageous

    It is an outrage. A complete OUTRAGE. A moderate Muslim woman is photographed without a head covering and proper covering of her arms and shoulders. By the police no less. Nour Hadid’s husband and the Muslim community are up in arms about the photo. It is an affront to Islam. They are indignent over this insult. Story here. Nour Hadid had a mug shot | Read More »

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    (Cartoon) Obama NOT a Muslim


    Ft. Lauderdale rally

    When I watched the rally of hate that Tom Trento put on you tube and I heard “.. go back to the ovens. You need a big oven, that’s what you need.” That is when my soul wept.  There are no words to describe how bad that is. I felt that all the way to my toes on how wrong it is saying. If the left | Read More »

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    Obama Supporters Contradict Selves, Even Here in Saudi Arabia

    First of all, do I have to point out that, to support Obama’s candidacy, one has to be a little selective in one’s application of principle? I don’t think it should be necessary, but then again, I shouldn’t have to tell my kids to wash their hands after using the restroom, but sometimes the blindingly obvious needs to be restated. Forgive me if you already | Read More »

    Are We About to Elect a Man Indonesia Considered A Muslim and A Naturalized Citizen?

    Obama became a naturalized citizen of Indonesia when his mother married an Indonesian man and moved to that country. Obama was also legally listed as Muslim and given the name of his adoptive father – Soetero. Under Sharia law, when a Muslim man marries a woman her children become Muslim too, this is also the case when he adopts a child, both of which are | Read More »

    Powell has gone off the rails

    I’m watching Colin Powell on FoxNews. He has gone off the rails. At least three times he has implied that McCain is raising the idea that Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist. He is an embarassment. I am so angry right now. Update: I think some have misunderstood the point of my anger. I could care less if Powell prefers Obama. If he thinks | Read More »

    On Christianity

    If Obama is a true christian as he always claims,why is it that he doesn’t have any christian name? Barack Hussein Obama is absolutely a muslim name. Though he goes to church and attends christian services, I think he wasn’t batized as christian. So therefore, he is a muslim that’s why he still carries the name Barack Hussein Obama.

    If half-black, is black, why isn’t 90% Muslim, Muslim?

    **Barack Obama did not sit in his church for 20 years and never hear the rage against whites and the United States government. Without a doubt, Barack Hussein Obama lied about his knowledge of Pastor Wright.When the stakes are big, men lacking character will readily resort to lying. Some rationalize it. Others don’t even need to. Some believe their own lies.Is Barack Obama a Muslim? | Read More »


    Barak’s Islam

    Obama’s connections are continually popping up that ties him to Islam and his muslim faith. I pray the nation will see these cnnections and not just pass them off as smears as Obama would like them to be seen. Lets look at all his associations and any messaging that could be shown through out his campaign.Obama attends Columbia Khaldi’s father teaches an Arab studies class | Read More »