Nadler: “Silly Republicans, tricks are for kids!”

    As most Americans are by now no doubt aware, with the notable exception of Charlie Gibson, the House and Senate have voted recently to deny ACORN the right to feed at the federal trough. The Senate was the first to act, a revelation which caused a bewildered Nancy Pelosi, when questioned about the defunding, to feebly attempt to fight off her botox treatment and furrow | Read More »

    Well Now. This is Interesting.

    Promoted from Diaries. – Moe LaneSo this Democratic Congressman from New York goes down to Florida to try and drum up some support for Barack Obama among the Jewish voters there.But, you see, they have some concerns.In particular, they have concerns about why Obama stayed in Rev. Wright’s race hating church for 20 years. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to them.The Congressman is | Read More »