Peter J. Corrigan needs to win OH US #10 against Kucinich

    Since 1996 OH US #10 has been in the stranglehold of US Rep. Dennis Kucinich. This district composes a wide area, Cleveland and areas west, south and east. Kucinich, a former mayor of Cleveland survived a recall vote after he nearly bankrupted the city. I will admit I am old enough to remember the Cuyahoga River catching fire because of pollution. And sorry, voters in | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 12, 2009 Obama vows earmark reform — EXCLUSIVE: Infighting knocks wind from energy plans — EXCLUSIVE: China stocks up on bargain oil Benefits from recession-weakened West — U.S., Russia face tough discussions on weapons — CURL: State, media ‘button’ lips over Russian gaffe — Feds might offer bounties for market miscreants — Teacher reps fight random drug tests Schools adopt | Read More »